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Brittany + Harmon * Married!


If you scroll down a bit you will notice that Brittany and Harmon's wedding blog post is a rather large one.  This is primarily due to the fact that we shot at so many different and appealing locations with such a great couple.  It also didn't hurt that the weather was terrific.  It is cliche for a photographer to blog, "Let the pictures speak for themselves!"  But it is a cliche that is based on the fact that pictures actually do speak for themselves.  So, besides a few comments, I will do just that.

We have shot at the Cleveland Museum of Art quite a few times, but this is the first time I have shot on this side of the building.  I love wall.  It makes the dresses pop!

Brittany and Harmon saw each other before the ceremony.  Although it might not work for some people, I think it was perfect for the two of them.  The bridal party and Kristin and me were out of the way and as is highly recommended Harmon was turned around and Brittany came and tapped him on the shoulder.  As you can see in the pics it was a very special moment.  They both were so full of joy, and it was  a moment that lasted longer than I have witnessed during a ceremony.

Apparently, Brittany does not like birds.  So this was her reaction to her girls teasing her about the geese coming to get her while we were shooting.

I shoot at the Peter B. Lewis building a bit, but since it is right in the sun most often I usually don't get as much of the building in the shots as I would like.  Since they brought their sunglasses (sunglasses help you avoid "raccoon" eyes and squinting), I was able to get some great shots.

Love this next shot!

The rest of the day was spent at Stan Hywet - and boy was it a great place to shoot!

This next one is priceless.

Before all the festivities began at the reception, the new couple knelt and took turns serving tea to Harmon's elder relatives as part of the traditional Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony.  This is a time of honoring relatives as well as receiving gifts.  Since I shoot a lot of weddings that would be described as typical western culture weddings, I love being exposed to the ceremonies of other cultures.  This particular ceremony is an encouragement for me to recognize the value of the elder relatives in my life.

Harmon borrowed our photography flashlight from Kristin and made the garter removal a truly unique experience.  I love this shot Kristin took of him goofing around.


Previous Comments

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Diane Isner: Simply BEAUTIFUL! Everything was picture perfect.

Brenda Amata: Wow are these great!!

Danielle: It was a lot of fun to be a part of this day. The pictures are fantastic! I cant wait to see more!

Tara: Oh I really like all the pictures but the one with Harmon kissing Brittany on the cheek and she is looking right at the camera at Stan Hywet is my favorite!!