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Liz + Chris Married!


Chris and Liz were married on a beautiful Saturday in Oberlin.  I love shooting in Oberlin.  It has so many great backdrops and locations all in walking distance from each other.  I love shooting in the fall in Northeast Ohio.  I love shooting beautiful people like Chris and Liz too.  They're love for each other was witnessed by all of us that day and it was uplifting.  Their bridal party was one of the most enjoyable groups to be around as well.  I would say it was good day.

Chris and Liz chose to include a footwashing in the ceremony to show their desire to serve each other and to follow Jesus in their marriage.

One of the most beautiful trees I've ever seen..

These next two are my faves.  They are classic but a little crazy:)

The reception was a blast.  One great idea that I had never witnessed before was a new twist on the "clanging glasses to make the bride and groom kiss" tradition.  Instead, they said that the guest had to take the mic and sing a song that had the word "love" in it.  Here was the performance of the night.

The reception was a dance party that exhibited some top-notch moves...

When I first met Chris and Liz I knew we would be in for a great wedding.  Anyone who incorporates a hot air balloon for the proposal is going to be up for some fun shots.  David and I had a great time.  I'm glad you found each other and we wish you life of unity together.  I'm sure you will be a blessing to many people.

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Previous Comments


We are so grateful for you guys!

Helen Sooy: WOW WOW WOW! This pictures are AWESOME! Loved looking through all of them! I bet you guys are so thrilled! :) congrats! I wish I had these great of pictures from our wedding.

Bryan Nass: Man Jesse Great Job you even made Chris and the rest of us guys look good which is no easy task!

Becky: SO beautiful!!! The pictures are incredible and gives me a taste of what it was like since I couldn't be there. Congrats you guys!


Kelsey Beachy: You guys did so great! These pictures are fantastic!!

Leah Coll: Well, these pictures are incredible, but I think part of the reason is because they capture the emotion, the intense joyous celebration that was going on that day! My favorites are: Chris while you walk up the isle, the ones with the trees, the head shot of Liz, the footwashing, and then there's something wonderful captured in the picture of Toni and Ben dancing with their little guy... Okay I loved them ALL. :)

Heather McAllister: wow! Liz Congrats! You look gorgeous and the photos are absolutely amazing!!

Monica Small: I didn't see any of the face-ercizes.. but I'll let that slide. These photos look great!

Heather Strickland: Liz and Chris,
Congrads! Your pics are beautiful and look like fun was had by all, cant wait to see the rest.

Lisa Gordon: Chris and Liz,

Your pictures are Fabulous!! Warmest Wishes and Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Joshua Vastag: Liz-
Your pictures are great! Very contemporary and classy!

Julia: Lizard, great pics. Several are simply stunning

Debbie Helland: I am so impressed with these photos, and can't wait to see the entire set!! My favorites are of my son, Chris as he watched his beautiful bride walk toward him and the one of their purple shoes and socks...so fun!!

The photographs captured the tone of the entire day, and we will treasure them for many years to come.

George Bostanic: Awesome pictures! You two are such a beautiful couple and I know God will bless you with a happy and lasting marriage. I was honored to be apart of your big day. Thank you

Elise Johnson: The wedding pictures are absolutely beautiful! I always tear up when I see the bride or groom cry when the bride comes down the aisle. Im sure the wedding was breathtaking...as it shouldve been. You guys deserve it :)

Rhett Edwards: Epic pictures for an epic day. Love the picture through the back window of the car. Chris was probably singing a love song in his mind.

Katie Helland: These are incredible!!!!! Great job, Jesse!!! :)

Stephanie Burkard: These pictures are GORGEOUS :) Of course, you guys are beautiful, so you made the pictures easy Im sure! Such a wonderful day!

Jeri Straub: Absolutely beautiful , the most unique wedding pics I have ever seen.

Beth : I love your pics !

Anna Furey: Fabulous! I wish I would have had finestmoments do my wedding photography!

Steve (dad) Wood: What a stunningly beautiful bride (if I do say so myself). Chris looked pretty good too. hahaha What a GREAT looking couple!!! Congrats!!!! Great pictures!!

Danielle Chaney: Liz,

They turned out lovely! You look absolutely gorgeous, and I absolutely love your wedding colors. Congratulations on a life of happiness together!


Shannon Kauffman: Your pictures are amazing! What a beautiful wedding and a gorgous bride. Congratulations!

Tracy Linthicum: incredible pictures! thanks for sharing liz!

Cindy Kimberly: So beautiful. I LOVE IT.

I am loving the picture of me and Monica dancing . . . we totally rule. I always manage to get at least one awkward dancing photo in every wedding. What can I say? Its how I roll.

Pamela Walton: Autumn is the most beautiful time of the year to get married, I too got married in the fall. Your photos are fabulous! Best wishes.