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Joseph and Jessica - Married!


One of my fondest memories of Jessica and Joseph's wedding day (and one of the highlights of the year) happened toward the end of our artistic session prior to the reception.  We slipped away from the bridal party and it was just the two of them and me (Tiffany, our second shooter, was manning the vehicle so we wouldn't get a ticket in downtown Cleveland).  They were both so happy to be married and were having a great time just paying attention to each other while I shot a bit.  Joe mentioned that he had a great day and they both commented that they were thankful.  I love being a part of such joy.  It might take some skills on my part to spot good locations, light, and angles etc., but it is always the couple who make the day.  I just endeavor to stay out of the way and capture what is happening.  So I am the one who is thankful for their joy spilling over into my photographs.

You might notice a few shots with this neat-o wall.  I thought it was so amazing I had to milk it for all it was worth.

Jessica and Joe were engaged exactly one year prior in a hot air balloon.  This ring shot might be my favorite of the year.

You must appreciate the Chucks!

The pic to the bottom right is the real deal.  Actual wind.  Actual expression.  Who could ask for more?

The service was Romanian Orthodox and it was great.  Although I loved the incense, I must admit that it made me sneeze (but luckily it was not during anything important)

They rented the famous Cleveland rocket car.  It was a great addition


Previous Comments

marty payne: LOVE the pix. The idea of keeping the nature shots "open" with the bride and groom in them are awesome. The best of all of the day!! I love the rocket car pix (and the car too). Never heard of it! Geez, guess I should get out more. LOL. I loved the cathedral, absolutely gorgeous.
Totally seems fitting to the Joe that I knew I RSC. I didn't know you well but totally seems this wedding depicted you. I didn't know Jessica. She looks familiar. I LOVE The hot air balloon invites, cake and that it was integrated into your lovely wedding with all the right colors for everything for a beautiful October wedding. CONGRATS! To a happy, healthy long loving life together to two very cute people. Best of all to you! I am so happy I ran into the link to these on FB. I love photography (and weddings) I loved the photographers "thinking outside the box" wedding shots. AWESOME!

stacey ilyse: love it! so fun.. now free stuff :)

Bob: My beautiful kids on a beautiful day!

alexandra: these are gorgeous -- what a wonderful day!

Amy Fier: Your Photographs are fantastic. You really capture the joy

Jan: Wonderful pictures..they caught all your emotions of the day!

Kiki: Wow, guys! You look great! And I'm totally lovin' the Rocket Ship Car!

Cecilia: Great pictures! Jessica, I love your dancing shoes!!

Robin: Fantastic photos! Jessica and Joe, you look amazing!

Manu: Great pictures!Congrats again!

Mary Ann Glodich: Really enjoyed the pictures. I was so proud to show them to everyone at work!

Steph: Fabulous pictures. Love the candid, silly shots, and the Chucks--so Jessica! You both look great!!

Nicole: The pictures are awesome! I especially love the pictures from the park. You two look so cute!

Rob Caldwell: Wow!! These pictures look great. I love the Chucks!

Mom Betty: What a beautiful bride and handsome groom! Wonderful pictures - can't wait to see all of the pictures.