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Emma and Jeremy - Engaged


We met up with Emma and Jeremy a few weeks ago at Shaker Lakes for an engagement session.  Although it always works out super when I photograph a bride and groom for the first time on their wedding day, engagement sessions are a little extra nice to add to the mix.  Jeremy and Emma have been together since college and next year they will be husband and wife.  Shooting a wedding is special because I can catch the joy that only a wedding day brings.  Engagements are special because I can capture some of the anticipation, the looking forward toward the big day.

I am a big fan of this water fall as a background.  Of course the greatest background does not matter without great subjects, and in this case I had terrific subjects with Emma and Jeremy.

This next shot was one of our last and it is my favorite.  It must be seen blown up for full effect, but I am sure you can appreciate it as it is.



Previous Comments

Valdenir: Awesome pictures!!!!! Becky and Jeremy (and eeoyrvne) just look so beautiful. Thank you for capturing the best day of their lives (and one of mine too!).

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Tricia: emma u are gorgeous!!!

Sarah: Love the pics!!!!

Liz: what a beautiful couple, love it!

Gabriella: Your engagement pics are amazing! You two are such a perfect couple. Love you Emma and Jeremy :)

Amanda: I love the pictures Jeremy & Emma! They turned out beautiful!!

Alyssa: These pictures look great! I love the waterfall one!

Darcie : Congrats Jeremy and Emma!! The pictures are beautiful!!

rachel: emma i miss you, you look gorgeous :) jer you look good too

Rachel V: Lovely! Emma looks wonderful! (And Jeremy too :) )

Mary : Beautiful pics, you two!! Can't wait to share the big day with you!

Andy: You guys captured the prettiest season together!! LOVE the pics.... congrats again!! So excited for you two!! xoxo!

Suzie: Hey love birds these look great!!!! so happy for the two of you!

Kelly: These are awesome! You guys look adorable, as always! Love you both!

Anthony K: Nice pictures..the last one looks like Jeans commercial..lol..miss you guys..Charlotte and I can't wait to see you soon

Roger: Nice Pictures! Jeremy you look so JQ!!

Sharlee: These are amazing!!! I'm so excited for you guys!

Dustin: Great pictures guys, Congrats

Regina Sacha: I love the pictures! It will be hard to choose.

Randa: I love them guys! They look so good!

Zoe: Congrats! These look awesome!

Derek!: Love them all so much! you guys look amazing & i miss you both so much! At least Barbizon came in handy ;)

D: I really like the one where emma is glaring into the camera & jeremy is smiling at some random unknown thing in front of him...jk...but fo real you look good in that one emma

Tori: LOVE them!! Esp the one with Emma over Jers shoulder and the one w/Jer kissing Emmas forehead. Gorgeous!!

Rick: Great pictures!

Joe: Great pictures, these look awesome!

Ashkan: Love the pictures! Creative, romantic , and just plain sweet! I feel the need to go buy some jeans now. Congrats!

Jena: GORGEOUS! Beautiful inside and out.