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Keenan and Judy - Engaged!


When the fall leaves come in full it is a great time to be a photographer.  It does take a little skill to avoid making the picture more about the leaves than the couple.  A lot of the credit belongs to the couple though, especially in these engagement shots.  A few weeks back Kristin (my amazing - and pregnant - wife who is also a lovely assistant) and I met up with Judy and Keenan in the Rocky River Metroparks.  It was a fairly warm day (which I love in the fall) and the leaves were terrific.  Keenan and Judy were great to work.  We truly have a great job!

This next one is Kristin's favorite.



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Dolly: Judy,

The pics came out really nice and have a lovely landscape. I am happy for your engagment. Congrats!


Tia Enriqueta: The pics are beautiful. I like the fact that u took them out in nature. They are very original especially the black n white pic.

Ladanya: OMG! You guys are beautiful! I can't wait till May!!!!! :)

Great pics!

Judy: Mat & Kristen - the pictures are lovely! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

jessica & Kevin: Wow! These photos are fantastic! The scenery is amazing and the love between Judy & Keenan is truly evident! Congrats!

Melanie: Love the pics!!!! You guys look amazing!!!

Carla Cubero: Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! I love them. You two look like movie stars! And the backgrounds! Breath taking!

Ana Flores: Beautiful!!! Pictures

Ivonne aka M.O.H. : LOOOOOOOVE THEM!!!!! You guys look amazing and the scenery is absolutely gorgeous. GR8 pics!

Carmen : The pictures are amazing!!! You guys look great!!!

Juliana Valdes: WOW! WOW! WOW! BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the scenery, really breath taking!! The pics should go to a Magazine cover, absolutely amazing. Congrats!!

Christina: OMG I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOOOVE THE PICTURES!! The pictures are phenomenal! You guys look amazing. I cant wait til the wedding!!! <3

Irene: Your pics are absolutely stunning! So happy for you!

Zulay: I love them! They're so pretty :)

Tracy : Th epics look amazing. The black and white is my favorite! Congratulations!!!

Elein: I'm speechless!!! These picture are amazing...straight out of a magazine! Congratulations to you both... God Bless.

Vianka Acevedo: I really loved them all I think the best one is the third one from the bottom. It looks romantic, original.

Kelly Vanegas: Every picture is AMAZING & so perfect!!! Beautiful setting and a lovely couple.

Congratulations Judy!!!

Lily Lopez: Pictures look great,I love the black and white photo.These pictures will look great in a coffee table album. Congrats!

Paula Acevedo: wow these pics are amazing! cant wait for the wedding!

Ibelisa: You look lovely

santiago Acevedo: Look like your mother went I felt in love with her. You got your mother look. love U1

Marie Underwood: The pictures are beautiful! I love the poses and the background scenery.

Pricila: I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics!

DeeDee: The pictures are beautiful! I love the settings.

Pallav: Awwwww you look so pretty Judy and the background is beautiful!!

Aisha Tillman: Keenan and Judy,

The engagement pictures are beautiful. Both of you look great! I cant wait till the wedding :).

Love you!!!!

Aisha Tillman: Keenan and Judy,

The engagement pictures are beautiful. Both of you look great! I cant wait till the wedding :).

Love you!!!!

Cynthia: Judy,

You guys make an amazingly great looking couple. Congrats!

Ajay : HEY!Judy Congratulations these pictures look like a movie and you look like a heroin.

Ana Morales: Judy! I love the pics! I think the black & white one might be my fav! You guys are soo cute =) Congrats!!

Jumari: Congrats! The pics are beautiful! Both the black & white and second to last are my favorite :)

Brenda Mendoza: i LOVE the pictures Judy!!! they are absolutely beautiful! so happy for you! I cant wait til your wedding :)

Cristy: Great pics Judy !! You guys look great.
Congrats on the engagement. :-)

Indhira Demorizi: Judy!! These are beautiful photos. My favorite are #4, 6, and 8!!!

Shefali Malik: Judy, these pics are GREAT! Did you guys take them at the Brecksville Reservation? what a beautiful scenery and great idea. anyway, my favorites are 7 and 13!!!! but really all of them are wonderful! take care, shefali :)