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Larlham Family Photos


Dan and Candace were one of the first weddings that Finest Moments ever shot.  Since then, Gideon has joined their family!  It was only fitting that since we captured their wedding all those years ago that we would capture this priceless time that they have with Gideon as a baby.  It was special.  He is an adorable little baby that has the bluest eyes and cutest grin!  We took these photos outside the studio a few weeks ago. 

Isn't this the cutest face?

Jesse then took them inside the studio and took these next two. 

Congratulations again Dan and Candace!  Gideon is precious!

~Jesse and Nelli


Previous Comments

Cheryl: Adorable! Looks like dad--only with more hair.
A lovely family!

GTR: Dan and Candace,

What beautiful family photos of you and Gideon! Thanks for sharing them.


Marty Kaiser: What a great way to start my Monday! Who wouldn't have a great day looking at these award winning photos.You guys are awesome. God Bless You.

Elaine: I love the pictures! What a great surprise to see them in my email. Thanks for sharing. He is adorable!

Nela Lucey: These pics are adorable! I have kids and know how hard it is to get a good shot and these are all wonderful!

Emily Knapp: I love them all!!! Good luck picking the photos you want! Thank you for sharing

Allison: The colors are perfect!!

Mike Shively: The Gidster with hair!! Adorable. Good luck saying "no" to this little guy!

Uncle Mike

terrie: now that is a good lookin' family :) - lovely pics - the clarity is exceptional. thanks so much for sharing - what a treat. terrie

Grammy Fi: OMG! Gorgeous Baby, Handsome Daddy and Beautiful Mommy....what more could you ask for!
Gideon has a smile that everyone loves!

danielle hale: these pictures are so cute! :)

Michele: Such a beautiful family! LOVE the pics!

Missy: Beautiful pictures! I can't believe Gideon kept his hat on for all of them! He is adorable!

Aunt Donna: The outside photos are unbelievable. I absolutely adore all of them. I think you should paper a room with them. No kiddin, I honestly love each and everyone of the outdoor photos.
Love ya,
Aunt Donna

Jason: Beautiful family! Awesome pictures! Gideon is so cute!

Daddy: Mom and Dad are pretty good looking ;P

Jaime: Oh my GOSH! These are stunning! You guys belong in a magazine. I love every single one of them, and the way Gideon's eyes POP out at you is just darling! Love em'!

Eileen: Gideon is a doll!

Coleene: Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!


Pam Vineyard: Oh My Goodness each one is Cuter!!!!

Emily: Your family is beautiful! Gideon is so cute!

Janet Oshorne: What a cutie-PI!!!

Don Petkash: I cant believe those big blue eyes! Great photos, each and every one.

Mary Ann Dawson: Beautiful pictures - beautiful family!

Jane Rafferty: How did you get him to sit still!!!!?
He is a beautiful baby!

Cathy Kase: What a GORGEOUS family. Be happy and take care of each other!!
Beautiful photos... I would use this company!

Sean Lynch: He gets cuter and cuter every day! No way are we going to let Abby see these pictures or it is all over.

Sean Lynch: He gets cuter and cuter by the day! No way do we let Abby see these pictures or its all over.

Dewey Larlham: WOW, What a happy beautiful baby, those eyes. Its comforting to know that Gideon will enjoy a happy, secure, life, Dan and Candace style

Karl Ertle: Shameless indeed--but so fun to see a great family!

Grammar nazzi: You shot THEIR wedding. Such beautiful work should not be tainted with a proofreading slip.

Crystal Spraggins: OMG!!! He is soooo cute. I love them all!! How old is Gideon now? He is getting so big.

Traci: Wow. These are amazing pictures, what a great photographer! Gideon is beyond beautiful, seriously. I love the parents in the background picture! And, Dan doesnt look so ugly. Love you guys!

Andrea Pettit: Oh my God! He is so handsome!!!! I guess you guys look good too ;) Just kidding. Such a beautiful family