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Chris + Laurel Engaged!


We met Chris and Laurel out at Coey Lake in Berea.  It is such a beautiful place to be in the fall.  We spend some time getting to know Chris and Laurel as we walked around the lake.  They told us how they met, what made them fall in love and we were able to witness the special connection they have.  It was special. 

Congratulation on your engagement!



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Isabela: People, if your sense of aesthetic is so imepriad that your pictures are actually improved by drawing a tic-tac-toe board on your LCD, you should probably start looking for another hobby! Learning to TRUST your eye and your innate sense of compositional balance is the only way you will make photographs that are both unique and satisfying. If composition was so easy that Put the rock at the third intersection. always produced interesting images, photography would have died off years ago.

Buy software: 6Lkn7f Interesting. We are waiting for new messages on the same topic!!...

fronoAerock: hi, new to the site, thanks.

Chris Leligdon: Laurel, you look beautiful!

Tomi Pohlod: You guys look great and so much in love cherish special times like in these photos.Congradulations!

Michelle Lastovka: You look like you had a great time... look great as well...

Jessica Kelly : These pictures are beautiful. These are something to cherish forever, such a wonderful idea. They look amazing with all of the fall foliage. Congrats!

Uncle Rick and Aunt Julie: How sweet and gorgeous! I especially love the one where it looks like you are dancing!