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Zach + Crystal Engaged!


Zach and Crystal are a perfect couple for the way I like to take photographs.  I'm not a huge fan of real "posey" shots because I think even though they look beautiful at times, they lack the sense of real, authentic emotion that I love to capture with my photography.  I've explored this type of "natural" photography for a while now and one thing I've discovered is that if a couple feels comfortable being themselves with me then outstanding images usually follow close behind.  Human emotion, specifically the genuine emotion that is expressed in loving relationship is the subject that most interests me.  Sometimes it takes time to capture this and sometimes it's not easy.  As soon as I took my first one or two pictures of Zach and Crystal I knew that this was going to be an engagement session that took very little effort on my part and would capture a very powerful view of what these two possessed.

There were so many to choose from, but here is a small sample.  Cleveland looked more beautiful this evening than any I remember.


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Previous Comments

Melissa Landon: Amazing pictures!! I love the pictures that have that kind of posing unlike the posing ones you see all the time!! Awesome job!!

Crystal: What can I say? He's the love of my life!!! ;-) I am so excited that we get to have these photos and memories for the rest of our life.

Grandma & Grandpa: What beautiful pictures!!! Your love comes shining thru. We wish you the best of everything. So much better than posed.

Mom & Dad Spraggins: These pictures are lovely, they show how much you mean to each other. We hope that you will alway look at each other in that way.

We love you,
Mom & Dad Spraggins

Nikki: Your engagement pics came out great! I really like the ones on the concrete pier!

lita button: Great pictures.you both looks so good together.

Peggy: Those photos look great. The scenery is perfect. I would frame the one of you walking on the dock. It would look great in your house.

Sue Stiles: Zach and Crystal,

What beautiful engagement pictures. Each picture is better than the one before for it. Congratulations on the beginning of a beautiful life together.

Love Aunt Sue and Uncle Mark

Candy: they are fantastic pics. you look so happy :)

Bob: Beautiful Pics! Might be a little better if that guy wasn't in them......Luv you guys!!! They are beautiful!

Dad Spraggins: Great pics.!!!!!!!


love Dad.

Chris: They look great guys. See ya at the wedding.

Mary Ann Marshall: Congratulations! The pictures are beautiful!

Lisa Gibbons: Congratualtions! Crystal you look so beautiful and happy! I am so happy for you!

Melissa Flood: Congrats! The pictures are beautiful!Wow..you are going to have a very hard time deciding on your favorites!

Chip: Very beautiful!

lisa granfors: Beautiful sentiment from the photographer, beautiful scenery, and of course what a beautiful couple you are! Enjoy the journey and the wonderful life you build together!

Domenica Cappello: Crystal, your pictures are gorgeous! I cannot wait to see the wedding pictures! I am so happy for you. Your mom keeps me updated on the progress of the wedding preparations. I wish you all the best!!

Carolyn Angello: Very nice pictures. We wish you the best of luck on your new ventue.

The Angello Family

Heather Butzer: Great Pictures Crystal:-) You guys look so happy!

Shari Gallagher: Awesome pictures! Congratulations!

Denise Kalnasy: Zach & Crystal

Stunning pictures of such a beautiful couple!
Congratulations to both of you.
God Bless your future together.

debbie harsey: They are so beautiful...Crystal you are so pretty.

Allison Kuhar: Great pictures! Lighting is awesome and you two look great together! Congratulations!

Russ Peterson: Wow, guys... these pics are awesome! Looking forward to next summer (and my first trip to Cleveland)!

Liz D'Amico: You both look great! Congratulations!

Lu Ann Deyling: Beautiful pictures! Congrats and best wishes to both of you.

Lori Josephson: I don't know you, know your mom, but you SURE LOOK HAPPY and FABULOUS!! All the best!! PS Listen to your mom--she is a great lady!!


Nativa: I can look at these forever.


Lisa Miller: LOVED the pictures!!

Tracy: Pics are really awesome !!!!

Kristine: Your pictures are beautiful! You look very happy together!

Jane Conroy: Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations!!!

Jules: WOW....I cannot believe you captured the "moment" in every single picture. I absolutely loved the pictures. The photographer really captured precious moments in time, thats for sure. Im so happy for you both! Love, Jules

Jacob: Great pictures you guys - I bet you cant wait for the big day!

Julianna: OH MY, MY, MY!!!! You both should be pictured in frames that the sell in stores! I love, love, love these pictures. How does one pick a favorite? I think the four spicy ones are the ones that look like they were taken from the "Grease" movie trailer. (16, 17, 18, 19) You two look so happy. It makes me happy just seeing it captured in these photos. Very Sweet! Always, Julianna

Marlene Ziel: Crystal and Zack
Congratulations! Im so happy for you both!
These pictures are beautiful and you look so happy!
Love ya,
Mrs. Ziel

Debbie: *Wonderful pictures! Congratulations to both of you.

heather stevens: wonderful pictures!!! They are all amazing. How will you choose??

Carol Kern: Beautiful pictures. Treasure them always. Congratulations.

cherie ignatowski: Wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing them. You both look great. I miss you guys.

bev hastings: What a beautiful couple! Those are great pictures!

Robin Blanco: The pictures are amazing!! Best of luck to the two of you!! You guys make a great couple.

janet: Your pic are absolutely beautiful! What a cute couple! Crystal...you will be a gorgeous bride! Congrats to you both! ~Janet

Deb Lea: Hey, I remember you...but not quite so mature. You have become quite a beautiful young lady, Crystal. (And he's not bad, either...hee hee.) God bless and best wishes...BEAUTIFUL pix!

cheryl: BEAUTIFUL!! I want to get married again. Love the ring/hand shot with the blur background. Great fall colors. I want to see the wedding ophotos too. Best to you and the years together ahead!

Teresa Filipki: Nice picture, love is in the air. :) :)

Janette: I am in awe of these pictures - what a great capture of your beginning & I want to see more of these in the near & far future - BEST OF LUCK to you both!!!! XOXOXOXOXO

Tammy: Moms and Dads must be proud. You are make a beautiful couple!

Annie Blankenship: Great photos!! You've only just begun, your love is so evident. Best Wishes!!!

Danielle Gutowski: WOW! These pictures are absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!

Amy Sumen: Very lovely!

Gary Kostal: Nice!

Aunt Terrie/Uncle Dave: LOVELY!! This great time in your life was captured perfectly!! Best Wishes Always!!

Aunt Terrie/Uncle Dave

Sandy: I am not sure how the two of you will be able to make up your mind,these photos are incredible! What is that old saying? A picture is worth a 1,000 words....I think your pictures tell your story! Just lovely!

Dana B: What amazing pictures! Congrats and Good Luck with everything!

Lisa: Pictures are beautiful! Can't wait until the wedding! :-)

m harsey: nice pictures... congratulations

justin spraggins: u look very pretty. congrats. love you. can't wait for the wedding

Cathy Breen: God Bless you two ,you look so happy.

Moe Breen: Very nice pictures

JoAnn Bowling: Beautiful pix! Congrats!

Carol Ward: Love what a wonderful thing, so happy for the both of you.congratulations!!!

Michelle: Birds of a feather sure do stick together! Congratulations, Lovebirds!

Hannah: Congrats! The pictures look amazing!

Jeff: The pics look great!

jms: Congrats on the engagement.

Amohadjerin: Love the pictures!

Adrienne: The pictures look great! You two are so cute...

mom: lovely pics !!! is that really cleveland? love to you both.

Harry Buchroeder: The pictures are beautiful. I am going to forward them to a friend that is getting married. Were these taken in Bay Village?

Jen: Gorgeous photos! I wish I saw this photographer for my wedding! Can't wait to see your wedding photos!

Nelli: I think these might just be the best photo's I've seen!

Zach: Thanks so much Jesse. These pictures are better than I imagined and I cant wait to see the rest.

Nicolina Price: These are very beautiful pictures. I just love the way they look so natural.

Jenny: Can they be any more perfect! Theyre so cute together and the pics are amazing :)

Sarah: Crystal and Zach these pictures are beautiful!!! I can't say anything else

Sheri Reed: Beautiful pictures, you both look so happy. Love you Aunt Sheri

Aunt Shaw: You look more like me every day!!!!
Beautiful pictures Hi Zach

sara: Pictures are absolutely amazing!! Congratulations to you both

samantha Russo: Congratulation the pictures are so beautiful. You look amazing in the pictures Im so happy for you congratulation again

M.J. Boyer: Oh my are you the cutest couple in the world! You guys look terrific. Happiness surrounds you in these photos! Congratulations!!!

Kelly: These pictures are wonderful! Enjoy them and good luck with all the wedding planning!

Shannon Reed: You two are Clevelands best! These pics are just your style. Good luck picking. With all these great options already...you will need it. Lots of love, Shannon.

Holly: How could you go wrong with such great subject matter. They sure take after their parents. Absolutely beautiful!

Ed: I still like the one where Zach stuffs Crystal into a cannon.

Laurie Langman: Congratulations Crystal and Zach
Beautiful shots,You make a nice couple Happy Wedding Planning :-)