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Aaron + Megan Engaged!


I had the pleasure photographing this awesome couple at the Ledges a couple weeks ago.  It was a perfect fall evening.  Megan and Aaron were up for climbing on the rocks, so we got to some really neat areas.  The session was so comfortable and fun that I felt like we were taking pictures with long-time friends.  It was the perfect combination of genuine romantic emotion and lots of laughter.  Here's a look...

I'm excited for your wedding, Megan and Aaron.  It will probably be even more fun that your engagement session, which was a great time.  Nelli and I both enjoyed our time with you guys and being able to get to know you better.  It's great to hear how together everything seems to be falling right into place for you.  You are blessed:)

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Amos: WOW, these pictures are very nice. Mr. Biller and soon to be Mrs. Biller you to look really nice together. Also, Porkchop looks so cute in all of the photos. I hope you to have a wonderful wedding. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barb Wilson: Wow Megan and Aaron!!!!! Those pictures
were really great!!!! What a beautiful
place to take your pictures!!! You make
a beautiful couple indeed!! Im so excited for both of you!!!
God bless you both. Luv Ms BARB

Jamee Gasperich: These pictures are gorgeous! You make me proud Mr. Biller, I'm so proud to call you my chorus teacher. Megan, you look stunning.

Ashley Rush:

Mr.Biller you two look very happy together. I wish the very best for you in the future.

Meghan: Gorgeous photos! I love the falling leaves one! I can't wait for your wedding as well!

Megan: Jesse and Nelli--these turned out beautifully!! I cannot wait to see what you do with our big day, and I can't wait to put some of these in frames until then :) Thank you!

Mom: Megan and Aaron,
What beautiful pictures! You look so happy and very much in love!! My heart sings when I think of you!!! Love, Mom

Mom B.: Wow! Fantastic pictures! My favorite...the two of you with Charlie! Can't wait to show them to everyone!
May God continue to bless you both...
Mom B.

Beth: Love them. The color and texture contrast is great. My favorite is where Meg is up close and he is blurred in the background. You look like a model.

Paul: BEAUTIFUL! My two best friends are getting marriedddddd!!

Boggs: Love them, we are so happy for you. The leaves picture is adorable!

E Kneisley: How wonderful, I am so happy for you. Can't wait to share in your day!

elizabeth: I am so happy for you sis. They all look so natural. Love the close to eachother pose. Can't wait for the wedding pics.

Loretta: Looks like you had a lot of fun.

sister: I am so happy for you they all look great so hard to choose!

Brian : I can't believe our little sister is so grown up!

Tief: the all look so good

ET: Your going to make a wonderful bride!

Aunt Linda: Tremendous pictures and poses....of course, the photographer had great material to work with!!! You are going to be a stunning bride and groom. Can't wait til July 23. love, Aunt Linda

isaiah: love the pics!

Julian: You look like a professional model

Bob: Like your pics

morris: how wonderful, so happy for you

dean: they all look so good!

Lily: You look so nice, congradulations!

Crystal: Love them all, I am so happy for you two

kadeem: yeah i am number 25 whohoo love them all your going to make a wonderful bride!

Emily: great pictures! you guys look so happy:)

Karen Scott: These are beautiful pictures. I am so impressed with the quality of the photos. It probably wasn't hard with such great looking subjects!!!

Adam and Nancy Kneisley: Aaron and Megan,

Your engagement pictures look great! We can't wait to see Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Biller.

Love you guys!

Karen: Great pictures. I've shown people in the music department. :P So exciting! Looks like you two had a lot of fun.

Ricky: Oh my gosh! You make the cutest face when the photographer throws leaves up in the air, you and Megan both, Mr. Biller. I have never seen such a perfect looking couple! Cant wait for the wedding, I think Ill be the flowergirl...boy! Lol, these pics are beautiful have a great rest of your lives!