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Tim + Kristina Married!


Kristina and Tim's wedding was an extra special experience for a few good reasons.  First and foremost, the wedding date that they chose for their wedding is a very special day to me and Nelli - our anniversary!  Usually, we go on a trip or go out on a nice date for our anniversary, but having our 12 year fall on a Saturday meant there was a good chance we shoot a wedding on our anniversary.  Even though we shot separately most often on Saturdays this year, we planned a ahead made sure to make this a together effort.  It didn't hurt that Tim and Kristina we super friendly and embraced us as part of the celebration.  We like taking pictures of people in love, so what better way to spend an anniversary.  Here's how the day began...

Kids are a fun part of weddings and I think Nelli and I both tend to focus on them during the day because they are such a big part of lives.  WE HAVE 6!  Even though this has been the most fulfilling and best year yet with Finest Moments, (I can't believe I'm saying this...) I'm looking forward to the Ohio winter.  Hardly anybody wants to get married in the Ohio winter, so for me and Nelli it means a few travels and a lot of time sitting by the fireplace with books and my kiddos.  After the busiest season of my life, I'm psyched for a wonderful winter with the kids.

OK, I have to give a shout-out to the toughest, most dependable and loyal bridesmaids of the chilly November weather.  I had a sweater, the guys had tuxes, they had shivers and numbness of feeling I'm sure, but they did it for Kristina.  Bravo!  It was cold outside by the lake!

This may be my favorite...

On the way to the reception we stopped by their house to hang for a bit and say hello to Zoe, their cat.  A good name I think.  Zoe is Nelli and I's little baby girl's name.  We actually are starting a family blog in a few weeks and I'm considering the name ZoeAndMe for the blog.  Zoe means life.  Anyway, it was cool to see their house.  It's not often that I go to the bride and grooms house.  Kristina and Tim had bought it about a year ago and fixed it up really nice.  They definitely have a good eye for color and design.  Nelli and I did the same thing together with our first house and I'd have to say it was a good bonding experience.  Here's Zoe.

The pace started to pick up at the reception...

I don't know that I could have picked a better way to spend my anniversary with Nelli.  At the end of the night we hit the photobooth for a quick memory capture and a mock-cake smash.  It was sweet.  Congrats Tim and Kristina.  It was great getting to know you and your friends and family and we look forward to sharing an anniversary date with you for many happy years to come.



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