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Meghan and Sante Married!


Meghan and Sante got married in the middle of November.  They had the most beautiful day of the year!  Almost 65 degrees, and a wonderful wedding party.  They were the sweetest couple, both so concerned about the other and truly in love.  This was actually my last wedding of this year.  Tiffany came along to help out.  

Meghans dress was magnificent.  She wore it with great pride, and it made her look like a princess.  She even told me she had her hair highlighted to match her dress!  

The *perfect* pair of shoes.

Here is Sante with all his buddies.  Most of them have been friends since grade school.  

Tiffany captured these next two shots.  I love how different they are from what we have normally caught.  It is like in the first one, she is still hidden.  Then she steps out into the light!  Wow.

This next picture is so special!  The emotion was so touching at this moment.  

One of the most beautiful churches I have shot in.

The priest that married them has a great message for them.  So personal too!  He talked about the different kinds of love.  And ended with the love that they will have for each other.  It was deep, funny, thoughtful, and put together so wonderful.  I really enjoyed it  :)

I loved her train~ Look how gorgeous!

Meghan's flowers were incredible.  The colors were just in between being fall and winter colors.  I loved all the berries that she had mixed in.  Her sister is the one holding the bouquet... she is a Finest Moment's 2011 Bride!

I know I said it before, but this church was breathtaking...  every angle had a beautiful background.


We then headed to the Cleveland Public Library.  I had never shot there before, and it was a fantastic place to do indoor photos.  It was very romantic looking.

Since the weather was so nice out, we did a few outside.  The sky was so dramatic that day.  Maybe my favorite sky all year!

I love, love, love these next two shots.  My faves...

The reception was at Mossimo di Milano's.  It is an old building that they restored.  It has modern art hung up all around.  And the food was delicious!

Every detail was amazing.  Right down to the stickers they had on the favors. 

They had so much fun dancing.  Meghan and Sante really know how to have a good time.  They are so in love and really each other's best friend.  

Right before we left, we took a few night shots outside.  

Congratulations Meghan and Sante.  The love you share is special.  Thank you for sharing your day with me.  It really was a great way to end the year for me :)




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wedding photographer Melbourne: I Have No Words.... Just Say Outstanding....

Vatsal Pithadiya

Michelle Rigsby: I loved every one of these photos! Everything was so beautiful, especially you!

Jackie: Meg and Sante,

All the pictures are great. We had a great time and these pictures capture the day perfectly. Love


Rachel Hansford: LOVE your pictures Meghan!! Seeing your beautiful day creates even more excitement for ours!! Congratulations!!

Julie Griffith: Meghan,
There are so many words I could say and I don't even know where to start....
Your dress....breathtaking
The church....beautiful
All of your pictures...outstanding!
You...such a beautiful bride :)
You & Sante...the most loving, adorable couple!

Congrats Mrs. Ghetti!!

I can't wait to hear all about it :)

Lots of love,

Julie Griffith

Debbie Sawicki: The pictures are magnificent! Your are the most beautiful bride, and Sante, so very handsome.

Congratulations Meghan!! You look like you had a wonderful time. Wishing you both lifelong happiness.

Amy Lewayne: Meghan, your pictures are amazing! You and Sante are a wonderful couple! Thank you for allowing Matt and I to share in your special day! We had a wonderful time! :)

Ken: Meghan & Sante,

The pictures are fantastic and really captured all the fun! Thanks for letting me play a part in your beautiful day!

Melissa Najda: awesome photos...congratulations...

amber: The pictures are beautiful!! I love the black and white pre-wedding pics!!

Beth Krabec: Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! It really was a perfect day and a perfect wedding. We had so much fun!!

Janelle Cox: Amazing wedding! The pictures are beautiful and you guys look awesome. We had such a wonderful time. Thanks for having us. Love, janelle & Nathan

Elsa: Meghan and Sante,
It was such an honor to a part of your beautiful day! These pictures are gorgeous!! I especially love the ones of you two dancing...so sweet, and you look like a couple of celebs :) love you both!

Jeannine: A beautiful bride, a beautiful day! The pictures are amazing! You look gorgeous and so happy! Congratulations. :) Love, Jeannine

Leticia Maldonado: Meghan and Sante I enjoyed the pictures they are absolutely beautiful. Congratulations!

tara scott: The pictures were awesome. I was impressed by the attention to detail. The settings were beautiful. Wonderful job.

dee dadik: Wonderful looking couple and also a very caring couple. I was touched by seeing my brother give away his first daughter. Aunt Dolores

Marissa: Meghan, I think everyone summed it up beautifully! Absolutely stunning!!!! Every picture seems to tell a story and they captured the two of you perfectly. I love you guys!!!!!

Aunt Sandy : Sante and Meghan - how wonderful - beautiful pictures, beautiful bride and handsome groom, wonderfull time! Always remember how much you both love each other, it will keep you happy forever. Much Love to you both

Vanessa Yates: Meghan and Sante,
Your photos are so absolutely beautiful. I am so sad that we could not be there to share in your day! Sante - it seems impossible to believe that you were that little boy sitting on my lap watching Star Wars!
All the best,

Regina Welser: How absolutely lovely and perfect. I wish I would've hired you as my photographer! Meghan you look stunning. I love that I can see the intense connection between you and your husband in every shot. Being married is so much fun. Congratulations.

Jessica: Perfect pictures for a perfect pair!Congrats!

Arianna DeGeorge: Meghan, these photos are BEAUTIFUL!!! You look absolutely stunning! Congratulations!! :)

Kristen: The pictures are just gorgeous! It was a wonderful day and Nelli and Tiffany did a great job capturing everything.

Michelle Pham: Meghan, your memories of this spectacular day are captured beautifully! I especially love the black and white pictures of your first dance! Congratulations! :)

Brooke Moser: Meggie - I love your photos. They're gorgeous and they capture how beautiful you looked that day, and how pretty & perfect the day was! Really neat pics!! Love you.

Kelly: These pictures are amazing! So beautiful! Meghan and Sante's love is captured so well!

Abi Barden: Beautiful pictures! Thank you so much for letting us share in your day! Congrats!!!

Kim Rose: Megs you made an absolutely stunning bride. The photos are incredible and really captured how in love you and Sante are! Can't wait to see more of the photos!

Shayla: Wow such beautiful pictures! You both look so nice! We loved being part of your special day!

Meg: Awesome pictures Meghan!! Such a gorgeous bride, day, wedding!!! You guys look so happy!! I love the one of you cracking up laughing while dancing! Congrats again!!

Christina Vignale: Meghan,

Your pictures are stunning! You looked absolutely beautiful! Congrats again :)