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Simi and Jay Engaged!


I spent an evening last week with Simi and Jay for their engagement photos.  We had experienced a stretch of unpleasant weather and it looked as if we might get rained out, but for this one evening the sun came through.  We had about an hour of great spring weather before it got suddenly windy and frigid.  That was plenty of time to capture the joy and love between Jay and Simi.  I've been excited to begin photographing Jay and Simi for quite some time.  Since Mat was able to work with Jay's sister Nina last year, I had a good idea that this shoot would include a vibrant intricate dress and would be classy and elegant.  I particularly like the romantic feel of this first shot. 

We started off at Edgewater park and headed down toward the lake.  I could tell right away that it was going to be a fun time.

As we got a little closer to the beach we began to notice the effects of so much rain.  There was plenty of mud to navigate.   Jay's chivalry came through.

cleveland wedding photographer

Love this next one...

And this one, I just couldn't help but spend an hour on...


I love being able to post these photos.  Even better I get to show you some more very soon.  Jay and Simi celebrated their engagement ceremony two days after this shoot.  The images are a display of vibrance, tradition and warmth and are coming soon. 


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Previous Comments

Trixie: THX thats a great asenwr!

Simi: Jesse, these are wonderful!! You and Nelli made us feel so at ease! Thanks again for everything!!

Parkash: For once you look like you are actually similing in your pics : ) Im happy for both of you. Congrats!

nina: Gorgeous Pics!! Amazing job as always Jesse

Monica Sandhu: Jesse these pics are absolutely AMAZING!!

Jay: Wow Jesse you did an amazing job for us! Cant wait to see the other set also!!

Eve: Like the processing... great vintage look. The overlay picture is awesome.

Oliver: These photos rock.

Jewel: These photos are beautiful! My favorite is the first one. It looks so dreamy. I loved her dress and jewelry too. They look like such a romantic couple. The proposal pictures tell such a story. I also really like the shoe picture. Beautiful!!!!