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Josh + Angela Married!


Josh and Angela came up from sunny Florida for their wedding just outside Youngstown.  Their friend also came from all over to celebrate.  A few things I'm sure you'll notice are that the day was tons of fun, the decorations were super custom and creative and Josh and Angela are basically like models in front of the camera.  Seriously, Nelli and I look at each other after a few shots and kind of did that wink, silent communications thing we do and we were both saying the same thing..."This is going to be easy."  They were creative, fun and up for anything as you will see.  Here's a favorite to start off with. 

Angela had an Alice and Wonderland theme going and she did everything herself!  She worked wonders with the venue.  It's not suprising since she just was certified as a wedding planner in Sarasota, Florida.  After seeing how custom everything was and the broad scope of her capabilities I would totally recommend her and hope to be at one her events capturing the details again one day.  Hopefully on warm February evening:)

Outdoor wedding in Northeast Ohio in April anyone?  Yes, please.  The weather was all great all day.  The best of the month probably.

I love this next one.  Just taking it all in.

They incorporated a clause into their vows promising to make each other laugh.  I don't think they'll have a problem with that one.

"Drop Dead Gorgeous"

They had a little trouble finding any privacy for our more romantic shots, so finally we just had send everyone to the reception:)

And now for the Alice in Wonderland themed reception.

The speeches were awesome - sentimental, super funny and original.

The cake cutting was a test of trust that they both passed.

These next two are descriptive of one of the best moments of the day.  I'm a big fan of the anniversary dance.  It's always inspiring for me to see these couples married 40 years and more who still glow with love for one another.  You could tell that when Angela's grandma and grandpa won the anniversary dance it was a powerful moment because they had been such a good example to her for so long.  I think everyone was inspired by that.

Let the dance party begin...

Hope you enjoy the preview Angela and Josh.  We're thankful to have the chance to capture these memories for you and witness your day come together so brilliantly.




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Joshy: I LOVED the pictures Mom! I thought they were better than Ive ever seen before. Now I think I will be a photographer when I grow up. My favorite was the one with the last picture with the men in the limo. I thought my dad did awesome. I found out that he took most of the pictures. -J

Mother Of The Bride: Having the opportunity to look at these pictures and to reflect back at some of my conversations with Angela, I now have a clear understanding of why she would only consider this picticular company for the job. It didnt take me long to realize that Finest Moments was the kind of Creative Passion that could satify my daughters needs. Dont get me wrong, its not because she is spoiled or pickie, its because Angela nos the kind of talent shes looking for and wont settle for anything less intill she finds it. With that being said, I commend the whole staff at Finest Moments and I totally get why my daughter hired you and Im am so gratefull that she did cause, now my family can reek the benefits of having pictures taken from the Best Of The Best. Thank You so much and You are ranked above the rest. MOB..AKA Mama Dukes

Ben Moon: Awesome pictures, they caught all the good shots and picked the right spots to make all these pictures perfect. Best of wishes!!!

Katrina Noelle: Very Beautiful Pictures guys, Im so Happy for you and Glad everything looked like it turned out amazing! Have fun being married!

Jess (show): OMG ANGELA!!! These pics are amazing!! You did an amazing job putting your special day together!! You made a beautiful bride! Im so sorry I missed it!! Those pics brought tears to my eyes!! Absolutely amazing!! Love you Ang!!! Congrats!!!

christen: youre so beautiful, Angela. <3

Kim Moon: The pictures are B E A U T I F U L !!!!! Well they should be because the Bride and Groom are so good lookin!! The photographer captured the love you too have and how happy you are!!!

Sarah Trout: Love these and the ones in hte gallery with my little girls in them!

Emma Starkey: Beautiful wedding, bride & groom, and of course the photos. This wedding was as much fun as it looks :)

Evan Michaels: Unreal...you guys look great and pics are incredible!

Jeff Flip Fralich: The pictures turned out AWESOME! :). Congrats on everything! \n~Flip~

jenny Beres: Beautiful pictures for a beautiful couple. in this case, both the art was life and the life, art.

Matthew Stevenson: Amazing!!

Kristin Miller: I honestly could not wait for this wedding! After receiving the save the dates..and invitation I knew the wedding was going to be beautiful! Beautiful people, beautiful place and I absolutely loved the Alice and wonderland theme...and I they both resemble the 2 that were married in the royal wedding the day before their special day. ;)

Jessica: Absolutely beautiful and amazing pictures!! Priceless to say the least!

Sasha H: These are amazing!! I love the theme of the wedding, and the pictures seem to really capture the energy of the event! Thanks for sharing =)

Jessica: Your picture are gorgeous and everything looked almost as beautiful as the bride :).

Jessica: Absolutely beautiful and amazing pictures!! Priceless to say the least!

Jessica: These pics are gorgeous!!!\n

Samantha: These pictures are AMAZING! You are so blessed to have such beautiful pictures of such an important day!

Theresa: Angela these photos are beautiful-- such a creative yet tasteful wedding- LOVE!

Ebony Schoenfeldt: Angela has always been beautiful but on this day, she was radiant. If she were any happier shed probably explode! I guess we have Josh to thank for that. You guys did an awesome job capturing this beautiful day for this very special couple. <3

Heather Chapman: Absolutely breath taking! Cant decide what is more beautiful the theme or the bride! Well...I think the bride will take the cake on this one!

Crystal : Great pictures, amazinf beauty in both the bride and groom ;) Perfect happily ever after!

Diana: Beautiful pictures! What amazing decor! You have such vision!

Alecia: Great pictures!! Congratulations Again!

Ivonne: absolutely amazing!!!

David Kimbrough: Josh and Angela you pictures look amazing!

Jodi Toledo: These pictures are amazing!! Some of the best Ive ever seen! Angela is the most beautiful bride!!

khristine: Your wedding pictures are AMAZING! Congrats girl!

Christina: Love these photos, Angela-GREAT JOB on EVERYTHING BABE!-Love the colors, the theme and the queen and king :) match made in heaven!

Viney: This forum needed skhaing up and youÂ?ve just done that. Great post!

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Natalie : OMG! Beautiful photos, scenery and of course Bride & Groom! What a creative and unique way to spend your special day!

Nelli: Jesse, these are amazing! My favorite was the one tilt-shift shot with the gnarly tree. You really captured the day, and told the story of Josh and Angela!

Angela Moon: Im in tears!! You guys are sooo beyond amazing.. these are breathtaking and I couldnt be happier! Thank you both for sharing the day with us, you two are adorable and fun to be around... I cant wait to see the rest!!! <3