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Boy or Girl?


Yesterday we went on a pretty amazing date.  First we tried out the Greenhouse Tavern for the first time and it was stellar.  Next we headed to the 4D ultrasound clinic to find our about baby Boone.  Here is the formal announcement:

My super awesome hubby Jesse did this for me:)  Can you guess what I'm having??


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Download oem software: O7VDEW Its straight to the point! You could not tell in other words! :D

Lacy: What a cute idea! Lovely pictures! I sent you an email about your Agape Threads site, but it looks like you are probably busy having a sweet little boy right about now! Congrats :)

Kim: Love this idea!

heidzillas: MAD CRAZY CUTE idea!!! Congrats on Baby Boy Boone!!! <3

heather: congratulations! how many is that now?

momma mia: WOW. Such perfection!

Angela: You guys are absolutely adorable... Congrats! I guess I didnt realize you were even expecting! Horrible on my part!! Cant wait to see the lil dude!! Love these shots... sooo creative! <3

kristin eldridge: LOVE!

Karen: I am super happy for you! Kinda thought a boy, but dont know why.

liz: Very Creative! I love this idea...and Nelli you look Gorgeous! Great pictures Jesse. I cant wait to meet the new little man in your life!:)

aunt janelle: i sooooo called it!!!!! you ARE welcome :) ha ha

Pedro Carta : jesse and nelli!! Im soooo happy for you guys. You know what I say, the more Boones out there the better. You guys rock. Congrats. And coming to a theater near you! Uncle Pedro takes all 7 to times square!! Ahhhhhh!!!!\nMuch love. \nPey

Amy: When I saw the two balloons I first thought you were having twins!! :-) I love the pictures! Nelli, you are so beautiful!

Sheri Barstad: Soooo, happy for the new Boone-Baby-Boy! we love you already!