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Laurel + Chris Married!


Chris and Laurel's wedding was one the nicest days weather wise we had seen in months.  After raining and raining for a few weeks, this seemed somewhat miraculous.  Being with Chris and Laurel for the whole day topped the good weather.  They are one of those couples that you only have to see interact for a little while and you realize that they are the perfect fit.  I've been to a lot of weddings by now.  All different sorts.  I've seen sound systems fail, power outages, bonfires, lighters refuse to light candles, passing out during the ceremony, dancing down the aisle, backflips, horseback entries, jumping in rivers, strip teases, trained doves, pizza and filet mignon.  It's kind of rare to see something at a wedding that I haven't seen before, but it's even more rare to see three new surprising things!  So along with big congrats to Laurel and Chris, I offer a thanks for keeping me on my toes.

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First let us start off with some getting ready.  Laurel and her 3 sisters were so relaxed.  Sometimes you sense a little stress before the big moment, but not here.

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Love the dress Laurel chose...

Mom loved it too.

Ok, I'm going to have to change that first statement to 4 new things.  Laurel's grandpa down here is my fourth new thing.  You see, he bought a new pair of shoes before the wedding because he knew he was going to spend a lot of time on the dancefloor.  And he wasn't kidding either.  He danced the night way in a way I've not observed from a grandfather.  I think he may have won the anniversary dance contest and the overall best moves contest if there was one.

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This might be the first time I've included a reading picture on the blog, but it was something I hadn't seen before and I loved it.  For the reading they chose "The Velveteen Rabbit" and read a portion about love and about being real.  I'm a big Velveteen Rabbit fan.

OK, I think the reason everybody is laughing is that Chris called Lauren "sexy mama" in his vows.  I don't think the minister had seen that before.

So here comes the big surprise...  It's not launching balloons.  He leads her up to the black stretch hummer about 100 feet past this sun loving crowd.  He opens the door to the hummer and....

I think Laural loved her little gift so much she wanted to cancel the honeymoon and stay home.  Not quite, but you can see what it meant.

Starting up the family right away

Note to self "Puppies make happy brides".  Be on the lookout for our 2012 Prints and Pups Collection

That's right.  They made their own wine as gifts for the guests and I've landed my first image on a bottle of vino.

Laurel and Chris, congrats to you both.  Can't wait to work up some albums for you guys. 


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Joshy: I liked how Chris bought Laurel the puppy. He was really cute. I thought Laurel was very beautiful. I thought the pictures were great. My favorite was the one with her reflection in the mirror and you see her arm in the front.

Michelle Lastovka: You both looked wonderful, the pictures are awesome great detail. I am sure your albums will highlight all the special moments of your day.

Lydia: Good. I how they are glowing in the last of the artistic photos. Its perfect. I also like the picture of the bride putting on her lipgloss. I like the part where they are holding hands. ~Lydia