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Jasmin + Raj Married!


This first picture is a bit abstract.  I call it "Someday".  I think it's always good to look at a woman through the perspective that she was once a young child.  I have three daughters: Alicia, Lydia, and Zoe.  They are all so unique and so special and so innocent. One thing I appreciate about Indian weddings is the way all ages are so involved in the event.  And you can tell in this photo that someone is seeing the future.

These first few images are from the henna party the night before the wedding.  I love the bright colors and the artistry of Indian weddings.  All the ladies had their hands painted like this...

cleveland indian weddings

The next morning we were up earlier to get ready for the wedding ceremony.  Here is Raj getting ready.  Both Jasmin and Raj were amazing to photograph.  The wedding day was filled with laughter, tears and joy.  It was a celebration of two beautiful people and their families.  It was also a celebration of photographs:)  There were a lot of photos being taken all day by a lot of people and sometimes I think Raj wanted to duck the paparazzi, but he took it in stride. 

Nelli took these first few portraits of Jasmin before the ceremony and I think they are stunning.  We could not have asked for a better subject for photos.  Not only is she beautiful, she is very kind to all those around her.  Her and her family treated us with great hospitality. 

Getting excited!

indian wedding

Here's Raj with his nieces.  If you ever want Raj to smile, all you have to do is get these little ones come by. 

After the ceremony Raj came to Jasmin's house to take her away.  Here she is waiting upstairs while Raj tries to bargain his way in.

Something in common?

Since the family is so involved in the traditions of an Indian wedding, you get a visual of all the relationship dynamics that one might miss in traditional American weddings.  This shot below captures Jasmin with her older brother.  Looking at his face and being an older brother myself, it triggered a lot of emotion.  As the oldest brother in my family, I remember how protective I was of my sisters and how I tried to look out for them.  I appreciate how Jasmin and Raj's tradition leaves space to recognize these relationships that are some important to us becoming who we are.  This was a very emotional moment for all of Jasmin's family.

indian weddings

Once we left the house we headed downtown to take some pictures.  Being able to get alone seemed to be relaxing for both of them.  I hope you enjoy these.

Cleveland Indian Weddings

Nelli likes this one the best. 

indian weddings

Next, we headed inside the Renaissance to go for some elegant, classic shots.  Sometimes, Nelli describes my style of photography as "Classic, but a little Crazy"

Cleveland wedding photographer Renaissance

This was the accidental shot of the evening.  I love it.

Cleveland Indian Wedding Photographers

Indian Wedding photographer NYC

The Renaissance is a beautiful downtown venue.  I'm already putting too many photos up here, so you'll have to just envision the food.  I most definitely love Indian Cuisine.  During and Indian wedding celebration food is a big emphasis.  I tried some Goat Curry that was just delicious.  I come home to edit the photos and everytime I see the food I want to drive 40 minutes to Tandoor.

Here Jasmin and Raj are looking over the whole scene of this spectacular event they pulled off.  The dance floor was packed all night.

What a night to remember.  It was classy, elegant and vibrant.  It was a grand celebration of family, culture and love.  Jasmin and Raj are referred to by some as Ken and Barbie.  Jasmine was like a princess who had found her prince, whose inner beauty even exceeded the outward.  Raj was like an international man of mystery.  His Australian accent didn't photograph well, but it added to his magnetic personality.  Together they enjoyed the calming peace of soul mates.  Congrats to you both!  You are a remarkable couple.




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