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Aaron + Britteny Married!


Last weekend was such a fun wedding!  I was able to shoot my best friends sister-in-laws wedding.  Not only that, but it was the first wedding that I was able to bring my daughter.  She is almost 13, and wants to get into wedding photography.  She did awesome!  I also had Caroline along as an assistant. 

The day was beautiful, perfect weather after all that rain!  Here is my favorite shot of the day:

I met Britteny at the salon to get ready.  She had her hair done so perfectly for her!  The color was great and she had a few little diamonds hid amongs the curls. 

I love this shot....

This next shot is really special.  I had told my daughter that she could take as many pictures as she wanted.  She has had a ton of practice, has her own SLR and of course has access to all our lenses.  I went through just to see what she had after the day ended, and my daughter Alicia took this shot!  I love how she centered it and the look of the entire picture.  Great job Alicia!

Britteny and Aaron got married at the house she grew up in.  She is one of 7 siblings too.  As her father walked her out to the ceremony site, I couldn't believe it... but a butterfly was following her!  (see just to the right of her!)  It followed her down until she was given to Aaron.  It was pretty amazing!

This next part was really cool too.  It was actually Jesse's idea for them to do.  He suggested that maybe they write there own vows to eachother, then after the ceremony they could have a private time together to read them.  We look like we were close, but really we were about 150 feet away, I just had a 70-200 zoom lens on.

The emotions captured in these next shots was amazing!  I was standing so far away I couldn't hear a thing, but looking through my camera I could see how special this time was.  I would totally recommend this to anyone!

Then Aaron wanted to jump with Britteny on the trampoline.  He was dying to jump over her!

Next we headed to the Columbia Hills Country Club.  My assistant Caroline shot this of me and my daughter!  I love it, she was always watching me trying to get creative shots.

It was so much fun shooting Aaron and Britteny.  They were so comfortable with eachother and had so much fun.

They had a GREAT cake smashing!

Such a precious Father-daughter dance.

We headed outside in the evening to capture a few of the dramatic clouds.

Then back to the dance floor.  Aaron and Britteny LOVED to dance.  It was so much fun, they danced every song.

Then  Britteny danced with her oldest brother for a few fun songs.  Aaron even danced with his mother (see background)

This last shot was taken by Caroline...  Such a great frame to end the night!

Thanks for the great day Aaron and Britteny.  It was fun to get to know you guys better.  Have a great summer!  ~Nelli

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Previous Comments

Jamie: These pictures really capture the happy couples complete euphoria on that special day, I cant help but to smile along with them! Absolutely stunning...

Britteny: Aaron and I love these pictures and we cant wait to get the others. Nelli, you are so good at taking pictures and you are so creative. We love your work and we are so happy with the pictures. You made taking pictures so much fun! We are so glad that your daughter could go, she has talent! Caroline was such a big help to me and it was so nice to meet her. I lover her shot of the feet. We want to thank all of you. We are so pleased with the wonderful pictures.

liz: I couldnt wait to see these Nelli ~ and they are even more amazing than I expected them to be. I am wowed. Alicia, I applaud you on the (no bias here!) BEST shot of the day!!:) You have done an excellent job in capturing exactly what I envisioned my little flower girl to be. Thank you for freezing such a special moment in time. You are well on your way to filling your parents vast creative shoes! I am especially impressed with how you framed the shot. Bravo you guys!