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Aanchal + Sumit Engagement!


Aanchal and Sumit celebrated their engagement at Aanchal's parents' house last weekend.  It was a beautiful event where everyone was treated as family.  While we drove away from the event Nelli turned and said to me, "I can't believe it's already over".  That's how I felt as well.  It's an event I've looked forward since meeting Aanchal in my studio.  As soon as she began to tell me about the celebration, I really wanted to capture it.  Fortunately, my 3 yr old son Josiah helped me close the deal by randomly running up to Aanchal and giving her a big hug:)  It really was another sweet memory for me.  I don't think I've ever had more fun than taking the pictures we took toward the end of the night.  Here's one of my favorites...

indian weddings

There's more where that came from.  I had so many fireworks shot that I loved it was hard to narrow them down.  But first let me take you through the day, starting with their preparations...  Actually, lets start off with the ring, since this is a celebration of Aanchal and Sumit's engagement.

After Aanchal and Sumit were ready for the big day, we headed to a park nearby where we enjoyed the perfect cloudy summer day. 

a few black and whites just for fun...

You know how much I love the color of South Asian weddings - almost as much as I love the food (by the way, the spicy fish and the lamb chops were stellar).  Ok, actually, I think I loved the color of this day and Aanchal's and Sumit's ability to freely express themselves the most.  So even though I appreciate the way black and white can pull you into the emotion of the moment without distraction, the rest of are going to be a celebration of color and love.

I love the significance given the families in events such as this.  Both families seemed so happy for Aanchal and Sumit and genuinely grateful that they would be joined together.  They we also so considerate of us throughout the evening. 

This one is for Sumit's mom.  She told me she gets a bit bored with the normal family pics and likes funny pictures:)

The whole event was right at the house Aanchal grew up at.  They had a huge tent set up near the house for the evening and the pool area looked spectacular as well.

Kathy with Your Dream Day did a fantastic job with the pool area.

After the performances, we decided to step outside to the back yard for a firework show.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.  Please let me know which one is your favorite, because as you can tell, I had a hard time narrowing them down. 


Amazing night Aanchal and Sumit.  It has been a highlight of the year to document these important times in your life.  Thank you.




Previous Comments

sunila mehrotra: Absolutely fabulous! You both look so beautiful and Happy! God ssyou both!\n

Aditya Kapoor: amazing pictures. Congratulations aanchal and Sumit. You guys make a beautiful couple. Best wishes for your journey ahead

happy verma: Beautiful pictures ,Aanchal and Sumit you both look so dashing, this the start of a very beautiful fairytale bless and love you both.

Nidhi Puri Kapoor: Absolutely rocking pictures....both Aanchal n Sumit are looking fab.!

Neha: * amazing :)

Neha: The pictures are absolutely fantastic and Aanchal and Sumit look aazing together. Heres wishing them a lifetime of happiness!

renu soni: amazing pictures!!!!!! you both look so wonderful together. Jesse has done an amazing job with capturing the emotions ang the fireworks

Nischay Soni: I think the fireworks were the best part :)

Jason: I think I helped build this guys house about 15 years ago.