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Katie and Dustin - Married!



Trusting someone to photograph your wedding is no small thing.  I am honored by each couple who entrusts Kristin and I with this tremendous responsibility.  For Katie to trust us with Dustin and her wedding it was even more of an honor.  Many years ago her mother and father had a nightmare experience with their wedding photographer which left only a couple photographs to remember their day by.  When Dustin and Katie were married last week we were there to capture their amazing day, and here is a sample of the shots we were able to take.  Years from now, even generations from now these imagess will tell the story of the day when Katie and Dustin joined their lives together.


These first pics below were shot at the beach and are some of our favorites of the day.

This next shot of Katie at the salon was captured by Kristin and is amazing.  

While Katie and the girls were getting ready Dustin and the guys were playing golf and shooting each other with airsoft guns.

I must admit Katie's gift to Dustin made me a bit envious.

One must appreciate these next few shots.

Dustin comes from a family of jewelers, so he actually designed Katie and his rings.  He did an amazing job.

Dustin's reception shoes are probably the best groom's shoes I have seen.



Previous Comments

Big Hale: Great pics!! so happy for you guys!

Rebecca Gerrity: Love the pics! Glad I made the blog too lol, Kate I LOVE THE SALON PIC, you look angelic =)

Erin: I love the personal touches. Where did you get the Mrs Basch hanger?

Dan and Laura: We love all the pictures you both look fantastic. PS Dustin your golf swing sucks.

Hallie Weigelt: wow these pictures are gorgeous!

Mary : Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! I am so honored I was a part of such a wonderful day! Love you guys!

Justin Magruder: Awesome pics!

Matt knez: awesome pictures buddy!

Natalie: Gorgeous pictures! Congrats!

Brandi: love the picture of Katie walking up the stairs... so beautiful and simple!

Angela Cooper: beautiful pictures

Donna & Nick H: Katie we enjoyed looking at your pictures!

Julie Caruso: So beautiful!

Hilary: Beautiful photos from the wedding, especially the black and white portraits. You will love these for many years to come. Congratulations Katie & Dustin!!!

Meetal: Love the pictures! Cant wait to see more =)

marisssss: LOVE the pictures :) love you both tooooo

Aunt Shelly: What a beautiful bride and the groom aint half bad either. Very nice pictures, thanks for sharing:)

Janelle: Well, its easy to see that Katie is beautiful, but these photos accentuate her beauty even more! (Dustin, you looked great too! ;) )

Jerrod: Where is james? lol

Dan : Great wedding!!! Nice Pics!!!

Brittany Rez: These pictures are AMAZING! The moments captured were beautiful and real. Id LOVE for my wedding photos to look this good and depict such joy! Beautiful job & Congrats Katie & Dustin!

Aunt Beth: What a beautiful bride and beautiful pictures!

Adrienne B: LOVE THESE! Katie you are gorgeous! I am also happy that none of these pics include my dance moves!

care beige: wow!!! beautiful!!!

john pelos: great pictures to remember the first day of your life as man and wife.

patti guzik: what wonderful ways to capture your beautiful day. every picture is stunning and you two look amazing. best of luck!!!


michelle: the pictures of your wedding day at great. i like the different effects with the pictures. you both looked wonderful.

carolyn: stunning, amazing and simply beautiful. love them all!!!

Dayna Workman: Pictures look GREAT!!!! Love the details!


Dayna Workman: Pictures look GREAT!!!! Love the details!


Donny: what a great looking venue.

Jerrod: Sweet Pic

Dennis Basch: seriously katherine who wears pink shoes. nice shoes dust.

PAM WILSON: nice job

Dustin Basch : Have to agree on the beach are great shots and then when Kate is putting on her gift!