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Brittney + Reid Married!


Today I'm posting some images from the amazing wedding of Brittney and Reid.  We shot a wedding for Brittney's cousin last year and it was a great time, so I was excited to be with Brittney and Reid and see a former finest moments couple as well.  It's always neat when you start doing weddings within a family or group of friends and the events become a reunion of sorts for me.  Here is one of my favorite images of the beloved couple together.

We started off the day at Brittney's parents house, where one of the first things we noticed was the beautiful fence and landscaping.  We quickly found a spot to plant the rings.

After a few details shot Nelli captured a few of my favorite photos of the day - a tender moments showing the deep relationship Brittney has with her mother.

Taking pictures is fun:)

Brittney has a pretty sweet veil.

Reid right before

Bowties, sunglasses and black and white - a good combo.

Congrats Brittney and Reid on an incredible day!  Have fun in Jamaica:)



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Mauricio: Can’t bvlieee I haven’t posted yet!!! haha!but, I LOVE these photos Andrea! everyone does!!Can’t wait to see the rest :)

Jenni Liszeski: What a great day!! Im so happy for you two :)

Lisa Scheer: One word: WOW! ;-)

Dave Ostang: Great pictures, wonderful wedding. I am so happy for you both! Welcome to the family Reid! Brittney, you looked fabulous, the Ostanek Princess Bride!

Paula Cantu: Beautiful couple! Congratulations to both of you and your families. It was wonderful day!

Roxanne Jankey: Seriously amazing pictures! You guys pulled off an awesome wedding!

carol luken: Great looking couple.Beautiful bride congrats!

Kamie Cocco (Godmother): My beautiful goddaughter took such amazing pictures on her special day! You both make such a stunning couple :) congratulations!

Tiff: Love the pics! What a great day! :)

Larry Ostang: What a memorable day for our family! Everyone had a great time all weekend. The pics with Britt and her mom make me cry with happiness.

Bob and LaVerne Rowe: We were just thrilled to be able to share your day and now to see these fabulous pics is a special treat. The picture of the flower caressing your rings was ingenious and so like the love the two of you obviously share.

Jenn Fristo: These pictures are AMAZING! Britt you look gorgeous!

Ali: Beautiful photos! Jesse and Nelli did an amazing job capturing this special day!\nI especially love the one of Britt and Elaine.

K Giardini: Simply enchanting...so glad to see all the fond memories you created. Wishing you blessing and happiness for ever and a day.

Becky Ditzler (mom): WOW the pictures are amazing, cant wait to see more.

marissa: Absolutely gorgeous and amazingly unique photos! Congratulations Reid and Brittney!!

Reid Ditzler: Fantastic pictures, had an amazing time taking these! Cant wait for the trash the dress

Briana : what an amazing wedding!!!! Great pics!!!

Lynn-boot camp: Brittney, you look like a MODEL!! Lovely, just lovely!!! Fabulous dress, earrings, hair, makeup, nails--and you look happy & in love! You make me cry!!!

Amy Szeremet: So beautiful!!

kin: U guys look gorgeous! Looks like an awesome wedding!

Rachel Stipe: I really cant stop looking at these pictures! They are so amazing!Thanks for letting me be part of your big day! Love you both.

Aunt Jackie & Uncle Mark: What a wonderful wedding and beautiful pictures...a great prelude of your life together.

Abby: GORGEOUS pictures, Britt!!! You two look so incredibly happy! congratulations! :)

Dena: Fabulous!

quinn: absolutely amazing! cherished memories forever! Love you Brittney and Reid

Phyllis: Thank you for sharing your pictures, what a beautiful wedding, couple and weather. I cant stop smiling.

PATTI CAMPANA : Your photos are so beautiful. I can feel the love through your eyes and smile. Gods Blessings to you and Reid. Thanks for sharing! xo

Holly: Beautiful...I love the pics...you looked absolutely amazing...congratulations to both of you

Matt Pasadyn: Nice job on the pics F.M. It was an epic day

Michelle Macartney: Absolutely beautiful pictures!!! Really shows what a special day the two of you had with family and friends. Congratulations!

jessica: Wow beautiful candid pictures. Your photographer really captured your love for your husband:) Best of luck Brittney

Elaine Ostang: Beautiful day, beautiful daughter! Love you both!

Diane Ostang: Wonderful pictures from a wonderful day! XOXO

Nick: Picture man rules!!!

Brittney Ditzler: We had such an amazing wedding day! Awesome pics!!

Molly Bublik: Such a beautiful bride! These photos are amazing, cant wait to see the rest!!

Stephanie Church: Absolutely gorgeous photos! Breathtaking. Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Ditzler!

Stephanie Church: Absolutely gorgeous photos! Breathtaking. Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Ditzler!