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Mark + Hope Engaged!


Mark and Hope scheduled a spontaneous trip back to Cleveland from Chicago and the timing worked out perfectly for doing their engagement photos.   Since the moment I met these two alongside both sets of parents, I've been excited to photograph them.  It turned out to be pretty easy.  It was definitely one of my favorite engagement sessions because I really didn't have to give them much guidance at all.  They were just happy being together and were able to get comfortable so quickly that I was able to stand back and focus on being creative with my lighting, lens and settings and just let them enjoy each other's presence.  I always try to capture natural, genuine emotions when I'm doing a session like this and memorialize the essence of the relationship.  Mark and Hope are the ideal muses for such a shoot.

We started off at Lakewood Park, a location I've shot at many, many times.  I wanted to try something new there, so we ventured away from the lake planning to go for the cityscape a bit later.

wedding photography cleveland

This stage has been jumping out at me for a while and finally it was put to good use.

Ok, now at this point I would recommend the viewer let those shockingly bright shots pass from your visual capacity and ease gently back into something much more subtle and equally romantic.  I think I touched both extremes with my processing of this session, but it seemed right because I noticed that Mark and Hope have a very vibrant, passionate side as well as a quiet calmness when they are together.

After this, we headed back toward the lake only to find out we were banned because they were setting up the fireworks.  So we improvised and found an equally exceptional view of the city.

What a great time!  I really want to tell everyone more about Mark and Hope and their story.  It truly is remarkable.  But that will have to wait until November:)





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Previous Comments

Mary Rasmussen: Love all the photos. You both look very happy. Congratulations!

Karen and Jeff Mc: Beautiful pictures! The first one really captures the love you both feel for each other. Thanks for sharing. So happy for you!

Kristin: LOVE the one in the barn doors- too cute!!!! Great photography!

Aunt Arlene: This is my handsome nephew who was looking for Love and Happiness. And when you see Mark and Hope together it just warms your heart to see how much they connect.God has brought these two together because you can feel the love they have for each other. God had a hand in this. Moms hope is for their sons to be happy. And Hope has put the gleam back in my nephew eye.

Amy : These pics are awesome! Congrats again!

Renee Wells (Marks cousin): pics are awesome! Love them all! You 2 look so happy, & in love!

Mom Barry: The pictures are all wonderful. I keep changing my mind on the one I like the best... Your story has many happy chapters to come.

mark barry: I love the pics, thank you so much for the day. i could not have asked for anything more.

Jason P McKinnon: I love the photos. I wish you both nothing but love and happiness!

Roy A. Marschke Jr.: Best Pic #0123!!!

Dad: Who is that kissing my little girl!!@#$!\n\nOh, its BB#2. That is OK with me! Love the pics, especially the first Black and White. Love, \nDad

Ken Schubert: Beautiful pictures!\nCongratulations!

Aunt Nancy: You both look great. Love the pictures but I love those shoes even more. LOL. Love you both.

mary rhodes: Enjoyed the pics so much. You look sooo happy!.

Sherina: Amazing pictures! I am so happy for you guys and that session captured you guys and your love in such a perfect way! Love you!

Aunt Karen: The photographs are so unique & beautiful, not unlike the two of you! What wonderful keepsakes of this special time! LOVE YOU!!!

Marissa: LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Beautiful pictures! I cant wait to see more!

Cathy Cunningham: Aunt Cathy gives a big thumbs up !!

Aunt Nancy: Loved the pictures. You both look great but I really love the shoes in the city shots. LOL Love you both. Cant wait until November.

David Barry: beautiful pictures, Mark and hope look so perfect.

Mel: Holy Smokes! You two look so in love!!! I especially love the pictures of you two with the sunset behind you. Fabulous!!!

Katie Mac: Hope & Mark! The sunset pictures are absolutely beautiful. You both look amazing, so in love, and so happy.

Jenny: Absolutely GORGEOUS! Love them :-)

Phillip: Awesome pics!! You guys look so happy! \n

Kathy Hamad (Library): You both look SO happy! Great photography.\nEnjoy this special time!

Shannon White: Oh wow these are amazing pictures of you guys!!! You both look so happy and so in love! Starting from the top! I think the second picture is so sweet. The fourth picture to me is such a loving and happy moment. The ninth picture I LOVE because it is so personal and intimate looking! The seventeenth picture should be a post card for the beach and number eighteen makes me want to cry. In the nineteenth picture down I think Hope you look absolutely breathtaking and number twenty is the third picture in a row that gives me goose bumps! Number twenty two has such a peaceful look to it and I think it is incredible! Finally, i had to make a tough decision on my absolute favorite and even though it was almost impossible I chose picture number twenty five. It is so perfect just like the two of you together!

Katie K.: These show youre whole story...loving and caring yet funny and down to earth. You both look fantastic!!

rita greathouse: Beautiful pict. background settings were exquisite. Hats off to photographer.

Sue Malarik: Perfect settings for the perfect couple :)

JoAnn Marschke: Momma is pleased!

John: WOW, Fantastic pictures I am so happy for you both, Dont stop being that way. Thanks for sharing.

Hope: Jesse: These photos are AMAZING!!!! I love what you did with them. Youre fantastic!!! Mark and I had a great time. Many thanks to you and Nellie for making everything so perfect! I cant wait to see the rest! Thanks so much!!!

Amy : OMG!!! seriously crying! these are so beautiful!!!