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Erik + Stephanie Married!


Erik and Stephanie's wedding at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens was an intimate event for their closest family and friends.  It was a hot summer afternoon, making the guy's tux choice a great decision.  Their reception was held at the Renaissance and was a beautifully decorated celebration that was highlighted by a packed dance floor, plenty of laughs and smiles and a few great moves.  Here is one of my favorite shots of Erik and Stephanie together shortly after the ceremony.

cleveland wedding photographer

While Stephanie and Erik were the main attraction for the day, the flower girl (Audrey) and ringbearer (Erik Jr.) were a close second.  They were so cute that pretty much anything we aimed in their direction was going to look good. 

Check out Erik Jr.

And Audrey...

Sometimes you wonder how the young ringbearer is going to perform when the event is at hand.  No problems here.  There was bit a strut to Eric Jr's step.

We then headed out to the garden area with Eric and Stephanie to capture a few shot of just the two of them.

This is one of the rare opportunities that both Mat and I have been able to shoot together.  I loved some of the other angles he got.  Here's one of my favorites.

This one I decided give a bit of painting look to.

I love this one...

Next up was the Renaissance Hotel.

One of my favorite moments of the day was the dance with the mothers.  You could tell that both Erik and Stephanie had very deep connections to their moms and that there was a lot of love and support pouring out in those few minutes on the dance floor.

Let the dancing begin...

It was kind of funny that right before this shot Mat and I were talking about how good photojournalism is a bit like hunting.  You have to wait and click the shutter at just the right moment to catch a good photo amidst the action. Sometimes you only have one shot at a moment or a good expression.  We both managed to catch this one.

Congrats Erik and Stephanie!  We really enjoyed our time with you and look forward to presenting you the rest of the photos from your amazing day.


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Previous Comments

keith ross: dear stephanie and erik..congrats once agin..im so happy that i got to be apart of this beautiful day..the pics look absolutly amazing!! love yous!!

Kharan Johnson : Thank you guys who caught this photo, I had so much fun as you can see I love to dance :) Congrats Erik & Stephanie!!\n

savana: oh my dod erik i know i said beautiful but now im on computer you guys are so in love and you and her couldnt have looked more gorgeous together and your kids wow shes a lucky girl. you both stay happy you guys look like your in a fairytail. very very nice.