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Brittney + Reid.. Trashin


We've done a few trash the dress sessions in the past.  One of the more popular sessions we did was with one of Brittney's friends, Brynn.  We displayed some of the images from that shoot in some of our studio albums and at a wedding show and not only did the images get people's attention, but I soon realized that they were some of the more polarizing images that we had ever taken.  Many loved them, but equally as many would ask "why would you do that to your dress!?"  So with this post I hope to answer that question.  Let me start with reason number one...For images like this:

People do these sessions mostly for the pictures and mostly because they couldn't do anything like this on their wedding day.  Usually the dress is not trashed beyond a good dry-cleaning either.

Another reason to do a session like this is that it is ridiculously fun! 

I think it was right about now that I almost fell when a wave crashed against me and drowned a few thousand dollar worth of equipment in Lake Erie.  Thankfully it was just something to laugh about.  These were seriously the biggest waves I've ever seen at Lake Erie.  Surf type waves!

And this is about the moment I really started having fun...

Wow, this was a lot of fun.  I came home drenched with a lot of sand in the shoes, but it was well worth it.  Hope everyone out there enjoys these.









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