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Crystal + Zach Married!


It seems like just a short time ago I was photographing Zach and Crystal on the banks of Lake Erie in the fall for their engagment photos.  It was actually about 8 months ago and the time has flown by.  I knew back then that photographing the wedding would be a highlight of my summer.  You could see the connection between these two immediately.  Last Saturday certainly didn't disappoint.  Let me start you off with one of my favorite images from the evening.

The day started off at Crystal's parents' house, where we took a few pictures of everyone getting ready for the big day.  I noticed the beautiful details, like Crystals hairpiece, right away.

And the shoes...

And dad's cufflinks...

Next we head over to Springvale for some outdoor shots.

You could see how close Crystal is to her parents, and this moment with mom was one of my favorites.

It was pretty hot out, so when we weren't shaded by the trees, the parisols came in handy.  They look pretty nice in the photos too.

Then we got to meet up with the guys, who had just finished playing some golf.

The ceremony was joyful to everyone who witnessed it.

cleveland wedding photographers

Check out the rings

cleveland wedding photo

Now this next photo has a good story to it.  I've been to a lot of weddings where I've been treated so well I felt like family.  This is the first wedding where I was treated so well I felt like the groom, nearly:)  Something got mixed up on some paperwork where my name appeared on the cake decorators instruction sheet and she stencilled the cake to read Crystal and Jesse!  Fortunately it was discovered moments before Zack would take his rightful place in the ceremony, waiting at the end of the aisle.  He was groom, I was photographer and all played out as planned.

Some of my favorite dance shots, everrrrr

Shortly after this dance, we headed outside so Crystal and Zach could spend a few minute alone.  We almost got sprayed by balls from a guy with a driver earlier in the day, but that wasn't nearly as close of a call as we had with the sprinkler system.  It was worth it though.

When you get to know a couple like Zach and Crystal, and be there on the wedding day, it doesn't matter how many thousands of pictures you've taken and gone through before, you just want to take a little extra time and make art.  It's the only way that what they have can be expressed, as art.

What better way to end the post than with the train?  Congratulations on finding each other Crystal and Zach.  It's been wonderful being a small part of the journey.  And congrats Crystal on a pretty nice last name to pick up as well - Stiles!

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