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Jay and Simi's Sangeet



Last year Kristin and I met Jay when we photographed his sister’s wedding.  When Jay and his fiancé Simi choose to have us photograph their wedding, we were honored and excited not only to spend more time with Jay’s family during their celebration but also to meet Simi’s family.  Spending time with both turned out as we expected – a delight.  Below are a few sample photos from their sangeet (the full wedding will follow soon).


This first photograph was one of our favorites of the night.

Simi's family kept peafowl - and boy were they amazing.


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Suneet: Beautiful pics! They have a timeless quality.

Ravi & Nina: stunning!! cant wait to frame these

Jhawar Family: Beautiful!

gurdip: gorgeous pictures.cant wait to see some more

Nisha Shah: Simi and Jay you look so good in these pictures. Many congrats and a very happily married life.

Puneet Bajpai: Very nice pictures! Congrats again.

Sunita Bansal: Simi and Jay - you look great! Congratulations! Such beautiful photos!

Nevin Bansal: Great pictures and great memories! Congratulations to the great looking couple!

gordy: these pictures are amazingly beautiful.waiting to see some more!!!!

Ram : These pictures are simply amazing!!! It looks like something out of a magazine shoot.

Neil Bansal: Wow - these pictures are beautiful!!!!

Ritu: Pictures look amazing!! Cant wait to see the rest:-)

sundeep: I look great in these pictures! Seriously....fantastic job! I cant wait to see the rest!

jas: amazing pictures.

Amanda: Absolutely gorgeous! Just like the whole night/weekend was! Cant wait to see more!!

Simi & Jay: Amazing!! These are beautiful we cant wait to see the rest!!