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Simi and Jay - Married!



We are very excited to post a few of Jay and Simi’s wedding photographs.  There are so many wonderful shots it was quite a challenge only posting a small selection as a sample.  Though it was more then a little warm out this Saturday, Simi and Jay were so happy to be together it almost made it seem cool watching their joy for each other transcend their very beautiful but excessively hot garments. 


This next shot that Kristin took is one of the best photos of the day.  Simi looks amazing in this weeping willow.




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Nina : Absolutely stunning!! These pictures captured all the beauty and love between you two... bridal magazine material :)

Saheba Segu: Stunning

Sukky Jassi: We enjoyed the wedding and being there with you. Congratulations again. Sx

Sukky Jassi : You both look amazing.\nSx

Sam: Looks fantastic. So many good memories

Fariha: The pics are amazing! you guys look beautiful!! Congratulations again! :)

Billogill: All the pics awesome,especially the black n White...

Amanda: So gorgeous!!!!

Sonia Kapoor: Beautiful! These pictures are the best I have seen in a long time.

Supriya Hayer: Love the photos! I love the ones with the willow tree. Beautiful.

Marianne Nash: Omg! Love these pics! Gorgeous!

Aman Segu: Great pictures guys!!!

Rubeal Mann: Pics look awesome, you guys look great! My favorite one is all the ones that I am in :)

Monica Sandhu: You two look gorgeous together! My fav is the one of you guys walking outside with the big fluffy clouds in the back!

Avtar Reehal: Jay and Simi - Beautifulâ?¦each and every shot is just as beautiful as two of you looked that day. An ordinary day became extraordinary special as both of your were united forever. Congrats again and glad I was part of that very special day !!!