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Aaron + Megan Married!


Aaron and Megan are certainly a fun couple.  I knew that from the time I had with them at their engagement photo session.  The wedding was one of the most fun events I've ever witnessed.  From beginning to end there were smiles to be seen everywhere.  I think we all laughed heartily, cried joyfully and were in some way inspired by this couple at sometime during the day.  Here's a favorite shot of mine from the time with just Aaron and Megan.

We started off at Megan's house where Charlie was in admiration of Megan's dress immediately.

It is a beautiful dress

Once we got to the church, Megan and Aaron wanted some duo shots with their pals.  This quickly evolved into our wedding rendition of "awkward family photos".  Don't worry there were some normal ones too, but these; these are the best of the best.

After laughing a lot and realizing once again how much I loved these guys, it was time to get back to business.  But not until I caught this one last display of awkward girliness...

Next up was the ceremony, where we all had the pleasure of hearing Aaron's day speak some words of wisdom and love.

Aaron's dad spoke about Aaron and Megan's hands during the ceremony and they had saved these imprints from when each of them were young children. 

Cleveland Wedding Photographer

One the most pleasant things I've witnessed this year photographing weddings is summarized by this next photo.  I love seeing mom's and dad's who are still so in love after all those years.  It's such a special thing to witness.  I came from a family that had a pretty rough divorce and it's always inspiring for me to see this.

Once the dancing started, it seemed like it would stop ever.  I would have to guess that some of these dancers danced the equivalent of running a 5k.  Lot's of energy!

cleveland wedding photographers

Congrats Aaron and Megan on an amazing wedding day!




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Previous Comments

Nathalie Clugston: Wonderful pictures. We were not able to attend, but after seeing the pictures we felt we were there and enjoyed seeing it all from your eyes. Great shots.

Megan Biller: Jesse...they are perfect! Thank you, and Ryan, for shooting such gorgeous photographs of the perfect day. It was such a blessing to have you there with us throughout the day. These pictures will be cherished for the rest of our marriage!!

Beth Long: Beautiful couple, day & photos. So glad we were able to attend from CA. Love to you both!

Mary O.: Beautiful pictures! Congrats Megan and Aaron :)

Rosanna Gemmill: Fantastic pictures!! The joy of the day shines through.

Courtney : AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D (Also really funny!)

Linda Larson: Great pictures....Megan, you were the most beautiful bride ever....Aaron, you are a blessed man. Thanks for sharing your day with us!!!

Karen Scott: Beautiful pictures! It was a fabulous day and your love for each other is evident in these pictures! Congratulations!

Paul: Excited to see the rest!

Susan Biller: These pictures beautifully display your joyous day! Cant wait to see the rest!!

Sarah: These are perfect! They show just how much fun and beautiful that special day was :)

Jenni: Love them, they are all amazing shots and photographs.

Richard: these are all beautiful, great job.

Brian: Nice photos, love the ones of the guys. I love a good concurring type picture.

Anne: I love the funny photos that is sooo the Billers, great job capturing who they are.

Seth: These are great photos, cant wait to see more.

Laura: you look so beautiful Megan, great photographs. I think you from above looking down on the dress is my favorite.

Sara: wow they all look amazing!

Beth Kneisley: These photographers were great. Always capturing the moments but never really in the way. Beautiful job!

Elizabeth Boggs: Wow love them all. Still cant believe my lil sis is grown. I feel these pictures are not only professionally top notch but truly capture Megan and Aaron. I think I may have to steal some of the awkward family moments pose next time I photograph one, haha! Great job!

tabbykid: Amazing! Love the Photos!!!!Megan is soo Pretty in that dress! The Photos are Awsome!!

Meghan: Great pictures! Im so excited to see all of them! \nThanks for being so much fun Jesse!

Nancy Kneisley: WOW! Cant wait to see all the pictures.

Karen Kneisley: What beautiful photos of Megan and Aarons wedding day. Jesse, you caught the essence of the joyful event that Megan and Aaron had visualized!!