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Erik + Kelly Married!


Erik and Kelly were married at the beautiful Amasa Chapel surrounded by their very supporting family and friends.  Since taking Erik and Kelly's engagement photos last fall, I've been looking forward to documenting their special day.  You only have to be around them for a few minutes to see what a perfect match they are for each other. 

Their wedding party, friends and family helped make these photos what they are.  Mat and I spoke with each other in between locations about how fast the time seemed to be flying by.  Time flies when you're having fun and taking pictures with this group was a lot of fun.  It all started with a beautiful space in the chapel for Kelly and her girls to get ready.

The ringbearer...

Erik and Kelly are both avid cyclers as you may remember from their engagement session.  Erik actually proposed on a bike ride at the Tour d' France.  Much of their reception was themed around this passion that they share.

They also had a special dance prepared for all of us...

The speech from the best man quickly became one of the most epic I've witnessed as soon he began rhyming it to the beat of the Fresh Prince theme song.

I have to give one final reception spread to the "Best Man".  I heard him referred to as "living up to his name" and a "one-man party-starter".  Here are a few of his highlights...

Congrats Erik and Kelly on an amazing wedding day!



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Previous Comments

Pat Breunig: The pictures turned out beautifully, just like the day and Kelly and Erik! Love them!

kurt breunig: great shots, captured the day perfectly.

dee & dalena: love the originality, all i can say is PERFECT!\n

Nick Ponchock: The pictures look fantastic! Congrats again to the both of you!!

Andrea: So, I think that we all had fun on that day. You guys look great!! Love the pictures.

Ann: The pictures are great. They definately illustrate the tons of fun we had the entire day. These are great memories.

Christine K.: Love, love, love these pictures! Makes me even sadder that we couldnt be there for the big day. Absolutely gorgeous!

Emily: Amazing pics! Looking at them lets me relive some of the fun! :)

Erik: Great job guys! Even better than we expected! Thanks!

Erik: Great job guys! Even better than we expected! Thanks!

Barb Radke: Thanks so much for sharing!!

Denise Fortney: GREAT PICTURES!!!! \n

Katie Bates: Wow! What amazing, artistic photos. Everyone looks gorgeous!

debbie breunig-schaffner: very awsome pics! love the cake topper something that you both will cherish forever!

Nelli Boone: Super awesome photos! I loved it! :)

Dottie Hammond: Jesse, you truely captured the love of our kids.\n