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Erin + Brian Married!


I've been looking forward to Erin and Brian's wedding celebration for quite some time.  This is something special to me because it is the first time I've ever photographed 3 sibling's weddings.  Being mostly Irish myself, I was also excited that I could hear some wonderful Irish live music while taking pictures of a couple I already pretty much knew would be awesome.  I also got to shoot with Mat, who actually taught me a lot of what I know and has been filling in for Nelli while she's super pregnant whenever he can.  Which brings me to my next point of excitement.  The Beirne's have 8 kids and Erin's dad is from a family with about 8 kids, which is quite unusual to encounter these days, big families that is.  Now me, with my seventh child on the way, find myself quite comfortable among these two Irish families, which leads to photos such as this...

Well actually, pictures like that don't have near as much to do with me being Irish and comfortable as they do with who Erin and Brian are.  To know them would be a good thing for anybody.  Nelli did some of the processing for me on the pics and was pretty much like..."These two look so awesome to take pictures of!" to whom I responded... "Yes".

One thing to mention here is that it was raining, raining nearly the whole time.  For most brides it would have been enough to send you to the tear-shed, but not for Erin.  See that smiling face:)

For a bride and groom, there is one four letter word that trumps them all - rain.  I've consistently asked my couples to put that concern behind them when planning a wedding because I've been there and seen wonderful couples who take lemons and make lemonade.  I've printed breathtaking rainy-day photos and witnessed love trancend weather, so I know it's not nearly as concerning as one may think.  And Erin and Brian are another proof of that discernment.  Watch and see...

Brian is the second oldest brother of the Beirne family, and the 3rd brother to whom I've had the honor of photographing their wedding day.  Here's the rest of the family...

In case your wondering why Erin's dress is so unique and beautiful, it's because her mom made it for her.  True story.

The rain stopped for a few minutes, so we went for a quick walk.

This is how excited they were to be married...

Over the years of photographing couples, I've developed this sense of when a couple might have a few good funny faces up their sleeve.

One of my faves of the year...

Brian's brother and Sarah, one of my all-time favorite wedding day couples...

And Patrick and Laura, the one's who started it off...

Let it rain!

Brian and Erin, you guys are such a sweet couple and I'm thankful we could capture these images for you.  May you be blessed in your lives together.  Thank You.



Previous Comments

Kristen Carpenter: Oh my goodness.... was searching your site for inspiration and stumbled upon my childhood neighbor Erin. \n\nErin... you look so beautiful and its great to see you so happy. Your dress is AMAZING and its perfect that it was made by your mom.\n\nPlease say hello to your mom from me and my family! I wish you the best in life and love! \n

Sharon Carpenter: OMG....Erin you are so beautiful...Congratulations!!! Kristen is engaged and found these pictures. God bless both of you and tell yourMom Hello....

OEM software online: 7qHnjY I am glad that your blog is constantly evolving. Such posts only gain in popularity!...

Beth Welch: Love the pictures

Mary Beirne-Bole: My favorite is the reflective one...breathtaking! You wouldnt know by the pictures that it poured all day. Another awesome job of capturing the day and the couple!

Emily Lees: Erin, these pictures are amazing and you guys are amazing in them! They really capture your wonderful personalities and cuteness as a couple :)

Cathy : These pictures are both beautiful and fun...just like the bride and groom!

brigid: Breathtaking. Love, love, love! x

Jenn: These pictures are absolutely breathtaking! The photographer truly captured the love between you two and the great time everyone had at your beautiful wedding :)

Rachel: these pictures are gorgeous! pure joy shines through all of them. the photographer truly captured amazing moments and got the couples personality in them! much love to the happy couple :)

Peggy Connor: These pictures capture the Erin and Brians love and their fabulous personalities!

Missy Mueller: Amazing pics!!!! Seriously teared up looking at these. You two are so perfect for each other...we wish you many years of wedded bliss AND more fun moments like these :) Love The Muellers