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Joe + Kelly Married!


Joe and Kelly were married last Friday and it was a joyful event from start to finish.  You could tell how happy everyone was for Joe and Kelly by all the laughter and smiles.  The bridal party was a blast to work with too.  Joe and Kelly chose a seclude property with corn fields around for most of their photos and it was perfect.  Here is one of my favorites from that spot.

cleveland wedding photographer

We started off at Kelly's house with some pictures of her getting ready.  From the beginning it was a beautiful day with great light and a perfect temperature.

We then headed over to the church for some pictures with the guys.  It's always and awesome start to the day when you can feel the excitement from the bride and groom along with the bridal party.  We could tell it was going to be a fun day.

These two shot are two of my favorites because they were my most challenging.  One thing about wedding photography, as opposed to many other types of photography, is that it is so fast pace so you have to be really fast with transitioning from movement to different lighting.  I usually shoot my aisle shots with a flash for fill light, but I also like to shoot open to get the ambient light.  Right before Kelly got to the aisle I took a shot of her bridesmaid and "POP!".  I could hear the bulb in my flash shatter.  So I had about 2 seconds to open my aperture, raise my iso, drop my shutter speed and get several shots like the ones below.  I'm so glad the 5D Mark 2 has improved life for photographers so drastically with low light conditions.  So that was my internally exciting moment of the ceremony and maybe the last of my techno-talk for this post.

Nothing like a little "Red Light - Green Light" for the wedding party.

This was me playing around for a long time on one photo.  I don't know if it's my favorite, but I like it.

This might be my favorite shot of the day.  It's totally natural - unstaged.  Joe just decided it was time to take a picture of his bride.  I love being a part of weddings that value photography.  There were some many photographers at this wedding. Joe's dad and the Grandma's and the bridal party.  It's really cool seeing people enjoying their time taking pictures.  It always serves as reminding to me to be thankful and to cherish my business - because it is fun.

I loved the ambient lighting at this reception.  Joe is somewhat of a lighting maestro, and I think his choices and efforts brought a lot of great color to the photography.  Thanks for entrusting me to capture these moments for you Joe and Kelly.  It was an amazing experience.














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Pat Bleakney: Congratulations Joe and Kelly! What a beautiful wedding and such wonderful pictures. I know Mom Diane is so proud! May you have a lifetime of happiness!

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Carolyn Husk: Absolutely stunning! I think my favorite is the one with the vintage Dodge. How could the pictures be anything but gorgeous with Joe and Kelly as the subjects?

Terry : The photos are beautiful and reflect the joy and happiness of a special event, shared with family and friends, that celebrates a new life journey for Kelly and Joe.

Chris & John Brunenmeister: You guys look absolutely georgeous. What a perfect day for a perfect couple! :) Thanks for allowing us to share such a special day. Excellant photography!!! :)

Mrs. C.: Kelly you look absolutely stunning in these pictures, and Joe you dont look too bad yourself. What a beautiful couple, what a beautiful day. Thanks for sharing.

Jenny: It was a beautiful day and the pictures are wonderful! Great job capturing the day! Congratulations to Joe and Kelly!!

AnnMarie: Love the purple! The pictures made me feel like I was there - you really captured the love in their eyes and smiles. Great shots!

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Aunt Jan: You are a beautiful couple. Wonderful pictures. We had a great time. Youll have a great life. luv, u both

Joe: Jessie and dave did an awesome job on the pictures; what a perfect way to document such a amazing day! Nice Job

Leanna Carlton: Absolutely Stunning Pictures Kelly! You were a gorgeous bride!!xoxox

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susan murphy: these are some of the best shots Ive seen for a wedding thanks so much for sharing and Joe & Kellie have a wonderful life...

Roy: So many great shots! Glad you guys have such a great record of your special day, congrats Joe and Kelly.

Amy Tackett: These are absolutely gorgeous! Some of the best wedding photos I have ever seen!

Diane: Jesse, you did a fantastic job capturing all the emotions of Joe & Kellys special day. We appreciate how well you expressed the love between the newest Mr. & Mrs. Phillips and their family and friends.

Bridget : WOW Kelly you look great!! Congratulations

Roberta: What amazing pictures. They totally capture the love and joy of the day. I loved being able to be a part of your beautiful wedding.

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Marian: such a dramatic sky...truly added a celestial beauty to the day and these photos. Well done, all.

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