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Zach and Kari - Engaged


When an engagement session consists of one person who loves photographs and being photographed and another who is quite the opposite, our work as photographers, you can imagine, can be quite daunting.  However, with Zach and Kari, this dynamic of liking and not liking to be photographed actually turned out to be an amazing session.  Zach is not a photo guy, but with a little help from Kristin and myself – a little direction to forget the camera and truly enjoy his fiancé Kari – Zach did wonderful.  And of course, we cannot forget Kari who was just as terrific to work with.  Kristin and I had a wonderful time with them both, and can’t wait to shoot their wedding next May.


Kristin's shot of Zach and Kari lying on the ground is great.

This last shot is less about the photo and more about the story - this is the spot where they first met many years ago when Kari was working as a hostess and Zach frequented this establishment.  One terrific thing about photography is its ability to bring back memories - though they do not have a shot of their first meeting, they now have a way to bring back those memories in a special way.



Previous Comments

Melissa: These picture are so sweet. I am honored to be a part of their special day!!

Marilyn: Love the pictures! My fav is the window shot.

Grandma & Grandpa:: The pictures would have been twice as nice if taken with a Mustang.

Connie: How did they get a photo of Zach? They had to be sneaking up on him or used a large telephoto lens. They came out great.

Emily: Love these! Especially the one where they are laying on the ground. True love!

Stacy (Cousin): You two are absolutely adorable together! The pictures look great!

Sue: I loved them all, but I will have to admit, the On Tap photo is the most meaningful.!!! Great photos all the way around!!!

Sarah Kay: Could have fooled me that Zach doesnt like pictures! They are absolutely gorgeous!

Sharon: Look at the cute couple! Great pics guys :) Sharon

Barbie: Love is a wonderful thing! Great pictures. Hard to pick a favorite. I like the one standing in the archway and of course the On Tap one.

Sara: Great pictures! Love the one with Kari resting her head on Zachs shoulder. Of course the one of On Tap too:) I remember I was standing in On Tap, filling mayo cups, when Kari first told me she liked Zach. Wow, feels like just yesturday and forever ago at the same time. So happy for you two!

Mike (FOB): The pictures turned out great and Zach survived. Love the On Tap pic!

Keith: How cool is the On-Tap photo.

Kristin: I love these pictures! My favorite, is the one walking down the sidewalk next to the fence.

Michelle: Great photos! Love them all. You are so cute together!

Elaine: These turned out great! You guys are so cute together!

Lorrie: How stinkin cute!! Zach you survived! Congrats!

Lynsey: ahhhh!!! I love them! the one in the window pane is my favorite!!!! :D Im so excited for you guys!!!

Missy: the window one is my fave!!!

Erica: Ah I love love love these! very cute! You can just feel the love :) Love you two!

Leslie Holbert: Great pictures. I love the one with them in the window. I also love the black and white with Carrie on Zacks shoulder.

stacie: these are beautiful!! love, love the first bl/wh of you two. !\n

Char: They look great!!!

Megan Robinette: awesome photos, Kari & Zach! My two favorites are the one of you lying on the brick and the one through the window. You can really tell how giddy and excited Kari is and it is so evident how madly in love Zach is with her.

Maid Of Honor: I love them! :) I like the one where karis standing on the step looking down at zach. :) so cute. Im so happy for the two of you!!!

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MOB- mother of the bride: The last photo is one of my favorites. Pictures truly do tell the story. And as Zach has said they are on to writing the next chaper of their life.

Kari : I love these! Mat and Kristin you did such and amazing job. Thank you so much for everything! We cant way for May

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