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Amanda and Brant - Married!


Amanda, a nurse, and Brant, a police officer, were married two weekends back and Kristin and I were there to capture the day in photographs.  It was great to spend the day with them both, one of the highlights for me was documenting Brant’s arrest, it was all shenanigans of course, some of the guys had a friend pretend to arrest him – but it made for a great picture.  But more than all the silliness it was a terrific to be apart of the start of their new life together.  At one point before the wedding Brant got a little emotional describing how much he cares for Amanda, and nothing can be greater than helping people who love each other celebrate that love.  The images of the two of them smiling, romantically embracing, and goofing around together in these photographs will be a constant reminder of the love that brought them together in marriage.

This first shot is one of our favorites.


The girls thought this next pic would look father humorous - and they were correct.

The guys all crammed into a SUV - I actually sat in the seat closest to the lens - it was a bit tight.

the arrest

Kristin took the shot on the right and i took the shot on the left - together they make a fun shot.

The wedding was at the Cleveland Zoo Rainforest - such a unique and fun location.



Previous Comments

Joyce: Awsome pictures! Congratulations Amanda. Love the corset tying picture!

Katie: These pictures are so great! The colors are fantastic and everyone looks great in them. Some of the colors just pop so nice. There is a wonderful mix of goofy and romantic. Mat and Kristen were great to have around and were easy to be ourselves around.

Erica Setterberg: These pictures capture the spirit of the day and the personalities of the subjects perfectly. It was a great day with great people. -ES

Brant: These pictures turned out fantastic...Thank you guys so much for everything...and Mat.. I hope you had a good time with the me and the guys from the bar to the arrest!.lol..we cant wait to see all the pics when they are put online!