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Mike + Jamie Engaged!


Here's a fun engagement session I shot recently.  Jamie and Mike are getting married in June of 2012.  Thank you to the Cleveland Public Library for basically allowing us to take over the place for this.  Here is one of my favorite shots from the evening...

This couple described themselves to me as pretty heavy bibliophiles.  They are both working toward Phd's in English Lit in Pittsburgh.  They fell for each other when they met at school during their study for their Masters.  So, we decided to build on that.  A theme quickly came together.  I hope you enjoy it:)

Two of my favorites

...and they live happily ever after...

Jamie and Mike, I really enjoyed this shoot.  Thanks for your willingness to help make this happen.  I'm excited to capture the memories of your wedding next summer as well. 



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Previous Comments

Janice: Awesome! What a love story this tells.

Willie: I enjoyed it, although I enjoyed the Carol photo shoot much more.

Lisa J: Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photos :) Mike, you and Jamie look so cute together! Love the outfit Jamie!

Jenn G: You both look so happy and the pictures are PERFECT. Jamie - dress is stunning. Amazing. Fabulous. Love love love love.

Margie R: I have never seen anything like this. How special to have these pictures to look back on. Cant wait for the wedding.

Courtney: Okay. Better than I could have done. Lets be honest. These are amazing. I love them. Loooooooove them.

Wesley Huntington: Amazing!! I love the story line and I even got goosebumps at the pictures of you two catching each others eyes through the bookshelves. Love it! Beautiful!

Caitlin: Jamie and Mike, these are the coolest engagement photos Ive ever seen. Its amazing how the photographer captured your relationship and told a story at the same time!

Lisa Mo.: These photos are amazing and tell such a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing them!

Jim and Sharon Tesar: Great story...great pictures...so wonderful to be in Love!! Congratulations to both of you and we are looking forward to your weddng day! P.S. to Jamie...Love your dress!!

Jacquelyn Tesar: Fantastic story.. I cant wait for the big day!

Lauren Matty: Jamie and Mike,\nWhat a beautiful couple. I am so excited for the both of you and feel honored to be apart of your special day. I must say these are the most creative engagement pics(Jamie your dress is amazing). I love the story and wish you both the best the future can bring!!\n\nLove\nJames and Lauren\n


Jean: Wow, these totally remind me of the song The Librarian by My Morning Jacket. Beautiful pictures! Love you guys!

Phil: the adorability meter on my computer just broke.

Ani Nichol: These are the most creative engagement photos I have seen. What a gorgeous couple! I hope you spend many happy years reading together!!!

Matt J.: Not bad for two nerds. Great photos!\n

Auntie Deb: How beautiful, Michael your Mother must be beaming from ear to ear, Dad too!!! Wait till Gig sees them.

Jackie Garcia: Absolutely stunning. What a beautiful couple. Congrats!

Matt Rollinson: Great photos. You both look fabulous. Looking forward too seeing you guys soon.

KellyZB: How sweet! Marvelous narrative. :-P Congratulations, you two!!!

Lana: Cutie patooties! :)

CS: Libraries! Neat!

Marie Palermomarie: Absolutely amazing. Jamie looks gorgeous.

Sara: Beautiful photos! I love the theme! :)

Tony Smith: Great concept , extremely well developed and executed through-out.....Looks like a J Crew catalog

jennifer collins: Such fun wonderful photos! Congratulations :)

Carilyn: Cute photos! Congrats!!

Eden: Cool idea, Mike. Congratulations on your engagement!

Hannah and Paul C : These photos are awesome. Congrats!!\nSee you soon.

Missie: These are so adorable. I hope to meet her someday! Maybe well throw you both together in a box in a truck bed ;)

Alicia : Great pictures! Very cool

C.J.: As a Ph.D. candidate in literature myself, these photos really spoke to meâ??and not just because they tell a beautiful story through pictures. They add another definition to â??storybook romance,â?? and itâ??s a fun, clever, and very appropriate set of pictures for those lovely couple. Best wishes to them as they embark on the newest chapters of their life together. (And kudos to the photographer for capturing the intimacy of reading and discoveryâ??of books and one anotherâ??through a stylish set of images).

neal smith: Enjoyed the creativity of the photos and the story line.

Susan Smith: Love the pictures! Love the theme! Love you two!

Amy: What an original idea! These photos are awesome.

Tulin: These photos look terrific to me... You guys are SO BEAUTIFUL. Many warm greetings from Paris :)

Ann : I love the one where Mike helps Jamie pick up the books. These are all so awesome, you two!

Fran: The library was the perfect backdrop. Love the shots where 2 floors are visible! You guys werent bad either.

Sarah B.: These are awesome pictures! Yay for literary love.

Jeff: Damn those are some nice books, kid

Luke Dent: So many of them are SOOO amazing. The last one is my favorite!

Emma: Beautiful! I love the story telling!

Jamie: Thank you for looking at our pictures!!!!! :)