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Attila + Renee Engaged!


For Attila and Renee's engagement session they chose some of Cleveland's best views.  The first spot is where Renee spends timing rowing.  We ventured out on the docks for our first fews shots.  Here is a favorite...

It was a pleasure to see the excitement that Renee and Attila had for their wedding and to be with each other.  The evening was filled with excitement and laughter:) 

This wall was a pleasant surprise for us.

And this wall was one they pre-spotted.

It was a beautiful evening on lake Erie. 

Attila and Renee, it was a super fun time with you.  Your wedding is one we will be anxiously awaiting.  Look forward to seeing you both again soon.

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Aunt Sue: Beautiful pictures. So happy for you.

Christine Akagi: FABULOUS pictures! Congratulations & so happy for you!!!!! xoxoxo

Natasha Repp: I love your pictures!! They are amazing!! Renee you look so beautiful and Atti you look so handsome!! Gorgeous couple!!!

Miranda Kime: Congratulations! You looks so happy both of you. Atti I dont think Ive seen you this happy and she beautifully compliments you and brings out the very best of you. Happiness to you both always and Welcome to the family!! These are great pictures!\n

becky: these pics are beautiful congrats to the both of you

Heather: Gorgeous photos! You look amazing together! They are all so great; I canâ??t choose just one favorite-you definitely need to have the black and white one next to the water displayed on a wall... Congratulations- I am very happy for you :) :)

Sarah Schroeder May: These pictures are amazing. You guys look so happy.

Sue: Beautiful pictures!!! You two look so happy. Looks like you had a great time, kissing and all.

Shannan: LOVE THEM!!!! You guys look like this photoshoot was a ton of fun. Favorite might be the dock pic but Im looking thru again.

Aaron: The pics look great! You guys look very happy! Congrats!

Danielle: The pics are beautiful. You guys look great together.

Jen: How beautiful! Congrats, Renee. Your pictures came out great and it wonderful to see how happy you both are!

Karen: Hi Renee,\nYou and Attila make a striking couple. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. I especially liked the sunset evening on Lake Erie and the party lights on the harbor. Congratulations! I wish you and Attila all of Gods best!

Sherlee: This pics made just made my morning. I have the biggest smile enjoying these beautiful pics. Congrats Attila & Renee

Laura: Awesome pics of a perfect couple!

Melanie: FABULOUS pics! I am so impressed! You two look so happy and perfect together!!!

Renee: Robin is right, You look so beautiful

Shirley: Love, love, love the pictures. I especially love seeing you so happy!

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Pam: Congratulations

Sara: These photos are amazing. Congratulations guys!

Julia: Awesome pictures! You guys look great. I especially like the ones at the dock

Kathy: Congratulations. You both look so happy!!

Kalima: What a beautiful couple!

Ahziah: Nice find on the brick wall.

Charlie: Love the night downtown shots.

Brittany: Congratulations to both of you!

Fred: Congratulations.

Doris: Cant wait for the wedding!

Ismail: This is great photography.

Randy: Some of these look like catalog shots.

Seth: beautiful couple

Rick: Love the sunset shots.

Jessica: Love the one downtown:)

Tracy: Nice pictures you look great!

Ashley: Congratulations on your engagement pictures are beautiful!\n

Orie: Congratulations.

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Patti: Congratulations

Esther: Good photography.

Jamie: Congratulations!

Amari: Looks like you had alot of fun.

Robin: Great pics!

Heather: Love the pics,congrats

Dad: Renee and Attila, you both look so happy, may you remember this time, always.

Timberlee: Amazing photos and it so great to see Renee so happy!

Christina wads worth: Beautiful pics. You two look very happy. Could not have picked a prettier fall day.

Attila: It was so much fun! We had such an incredible time!

Wendy Klupp: I absolutely love the black and white photo on the dock..beautiful couple..Congratulations to you both

Marilyn: Really, really great photos! Of course, what can you expect with great subjects!!

Michelle: Those are great! I really like the night shots!

Robin: You both look terrific!!! Renee you are especially beautiful. Great photography.

Mom: Filled with happiness and pride. You two look great! Outstanding phtographer.

Deana: Renee....these photos are fabulous! Your photographer captured such quaint moments. You look so happy. Congratulations to you and yours!

Renee: You two were fantastic and we had a great time! Cant wait to see the rest :)