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Sarah and Chris - Married!


Sarah and Chris were recently married.  It was more than a pleasure for Kristin and I to spend the day with them photographing their wedding.  They were both so full of joy to be together and with family and friends that it was truly infectious.  Everything about the day from start to finish was perfect – the weather was quite a surprise, going from a terrible forecast to wonderful skies and mild temperatures.  Though all the events and details were superb, it was Chris and Sarah’s love for one another that made this great day the amazing time that is was.

This first shot was one of our favorites, but since there are so many terrific ones - it was a difficult choice!


Cute relationship fact #1: Sarah was a bit too nervous to tell Chris "I love you" for the first time - so she used a game of scrabble as an opportunity to spell it  out.

Cute relationship fact #2: Chris and Sarah use rock-paper-scissors as a battel to see which one loves each other most - though this match was best two out of three, I thought it expedient to show the warmup and the tiebreaker - apparently Sarah love Chris more  - at least until next match!





Previous Comments

Tia Corder: Oh my gosh! These pictures are precious!! I wish you both the best of luck in the future!

Alyson Salmen: These pictures are gorgeous! Such a pretty couple!

Ali Olbrych: I love this times a million!!! I want this photographer at my wedding

Mike: Mat and Kristin- You did a wonderful job bringing this wedding to life with these pictures. The day went by so quickly. I am thankful I will have these treasures for ever. Take care and God Bless.....Mike

Ruth Anne: These pictures are precious!! They capture so much of the emotion and atmosphere of that entire day. How wonderful to be able to see the love you two have for each other in every picture. Beautiful work!

Sara: These are wonderful! I love how they captured how excited you two were to start your lives together!

Megan : These are GORGEOUS!!! I love how you captured their beautiful personalities and unique aspects of their relationship. Awesome!

Rachelle Dain: Each picture is absolutely amazing, and reflects the beautiful love that Chris & Sarah share between one another! Am so excited to see more pictures as they become available.

Caitlin: If a picture is worth 1,000 words, it is obvious that these pictures are just that. There are 1,000 words (and more) that can go with each of them and the emotion that was captured. Each one truly depicts Sarah and Chris love for one another and the love that those who shared in their day have for the two of them! Sarah and Chris: You are such an amazing couple. Love you both!!!

Katie: BEAUTIFUL pictures for a beautiful couple! Love you both :)

Dominick Sainato: You two are such a handsome couple. I loved having the opportunity to take a look at some of these great shots from your wedding. Had a fantastic time and appreciate being part of your special day!

Sally Sainato: You two make a wonderful couple. These pictures are amazing and captured some beautiful memories of your special day.

Emily (Sister): Such a beautiful couple. You amazingly captured their love and excitement on that day! Love them both very much =]

Lindsey Rapp: These photos are absolutely amazing! They totally capture the joy of your wedding day and the beautiful love you two share!

Liz Stafford: Congratulations to the beautiful couple! Your photos are amazing and I loved reading about your cute relationship facts!

Sue Kemmerline: Awesome and beautiful photos that captured the very essence of the day.....two beautiful, wonderful people becoming one!! Congrats Sarah and Chris!!

Greg: Congratulations Sarah and Chris. The pictures are amazing and do a great job capturing the love you two share and the joy of the day. I cant wait to see the rest!

Kari : Sarah and Chris the pictures are amazing, and really show how much you two love each other. I am so happy for both of you, and I was so excited to be there to celebrate your special day. Love you both!

Hope: Chris and Sarah are a beautiful couple..I can see so much love between to two of them..I only wish them all the best...You took beautiful pictures that they will enjoy the rest of their lives..you should be proud of your work..it is easy when you have such beautiful people to photograph.

Lydia: Oh I just loved all the photos. The exuberance of the couple is evident! Congratulations!!

Megan Robinette: Love them all! so incredibly beautiful.

Lorrie: Mat and Kristin what a treasure for us to have forever!! You so captured the couple and their personalities. Especially one excited bride!! Thank you!!

Missy: Amazing amazing photos! I cant stop going through them!

Diane: These pictures are fantastic. No surprise seeing as Chris and Sarah were the shinning stars. I can not wait to see the rest.

Sarah & Chris: Unbelievable. Mat and Kristin, the moments you captured from our day are just unreal. I laughed and cried all over again. You captured us so genuinely. I cant wait to see the rest! You two are a blessing :)\nSarah & Chris