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Quinn and Drew - Married!



Last weekend we were blessed to spend the day with another amazing couple – Drew and Quinn.  From Quinn’s glow and huge smile when we first arrived, Kristin and I knew the day would be a delight for everyone – and of course it was.  As her mother and sister pointed out in the speeches at the reception, Quinn has dreamed of her wedding day since she was a little girl.  You can see in the pictures below that her and Drew’s actual wedding day turned out better than one could anticipate.  Drew and Quinn’s love for each other and their overabundant happiness is captivating to look back on in these pictures.  Kristin and I take out work as artists seriously, but we always must acknowledge that without the love between the couples we photograph (like Quinn and Drew!) and the beauty that we discover all around us, we would not be able to create what we do.


As is common with terrific wedding days like this one it was such a challenge to pick out a sample since there were so many wonderful pictures.  This first shot is one of our favorites of the day – the emotion evident between them is wonderous.

The message at the ceremony was one my favorite wedding messages I have heard - and I have heard a lot.  It was about the true commitment that a marriage entails - love in the face of all circumstances - Kristin and I wish nothing more than for Drew and Quinn to continue to experience this love.

Drew and Quinn raced to see who could cut their side of the heart out first - Quinn won if anyone is keeping score.

A must stop at Starbucks for a refill!

This next shot is one of my favorites of the year - this car was such a great adition to the day.

Fun with the bridesmaids

One of the best times of the day was shooting from the roof overlooking the city.

I love this next shot Kristin took.

Log Cutting (Baumstamm Sägen) - a Bavarian tradition that Quinn's family picked up from an exchange student that is a tough task that both must work together to accomplish - like real married life!

To top off a wonderful night a random and wonderufl fireworks display colored the windows at the reception.



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drync: hi!!!

joan : I love the red roses with the dress cant wait to see mire pictures

Mary Claire: LOVE IT!!! They are so cute together! =)

Bayley: LOVE THEM!!! They do truly capture the beauty of Quinn and Drews love and the blessings of the gorgeous and wonderful day! Great job to all photographers!

Amber: These are so great!! really captured the day

Bos: Drew is drinking out of the bride cup in one of the pics!!!

erin: perfect!