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My new project......


I have been busy...  Not only do I keep up with 5 kids, homeschool, clean the house, cook the meals...  but I also have a sewing business.  Since last summer I have my own office/sewing room.  Jesse picked the paint color, "swamp-water" green.  To be honest, I have a really hard time with interior decorating.  It just isn't my gift I guess.  My fabric sat in stacks on white plastic shelving, while my custom built sewing table and cupboards were in the middle of a sea of fabric.  Once I get going, it is really hard to stay organized and clean.  It probably has something to do with too many ideas, not enough time to sew them all. So this past week, I have had inspiration.  I got a new dresser for all my fabric.  My sister-in-law got this dresser  from the garbage.  It was a hideous bright red.  She spent hours stripping, sanding and re-staining this dresser.  It is a fabulous dresser now.  And I just got it hauled up to my sewing room!  So I rummaged through the attic and found some awesome black frames, got my pink tool set, and started hammering away hanging frames around.  And I even measured to make sure they were all even!  That is so un-me.  I never measure, always eye it.  One white plastic shelve is now gone, my fabric is nicely organized by colors in my new dresser.  I ordered all the prints for the frames, they should be in any day.  Which I am really excited about because all the pictures are from our Chile trip.  And this picture brings me to today.  I organized my thread by color!  It looked so pretty when I was finished I had to take a pic.  And it was pretty fun because I got to use Jesse's new toy:  his brand new 5D.  That was fun.  I ended taking fun ones of my toddler too.  I am excited about my newly organized sewing room.  I will post more pics after I get all my prints for the black frames.  And I have another white plastic shelve to get rid of... and a few plastic bins of fabric.  :)


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