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Black and White - Full Color - Spot Color...One great shot from the Dubois/Snell Wedding


I'd really like some feedback on this one so I've come up with a bit of a survey.  Please cast your vote in the comments section on Which Version of This Photo is Best?

I had the opportunity to shoot this wedding on Saturday and I've got some special ones from this wedding to share very soon, but for now I chose one nice romantic, candid shot from the park.  I shot this at 1.6 with a 50mm.  Nice bokeh, heh:)  Now what I'm wondering is this...Do you like this photo in Black and White, Color, or with Spot Color.  Personally, it's sometimes hard for me to turn a nice outdoor shot that captures vivid color into Black and White.  I have a much easier time with indoor shots in Black and White.  As far as spot color goes...Does anybody still like that effect?  I though this was a good photo to use in order to find out from you.  FEEDBACK PLEASE




black and white photojournalist of the year



Only the flowers in color


Let me know what you think. Thanks

tags: Black and White Photojournalism, Spot Color

Previous Comments

Nelli: I think that I like the full color best on this photo... I like that you can see the green background, they are wearing black & white, and then her bouquet is nice and bright color!

Alice: Definetely the full color is the best! The colors are so vivid, with the black and white you are taking away from the photo! Beautiful!

linda dubois: I really prefer the full color, with them in black and white the color comes out.