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Jonathan and Theresa Married {Cleveland Wedding Photographer}


Jonathan and Theresa were married this past Saturday.  They had a great day for a wedding.  The weather was great, as long as one kept out of the sun, and the couple were quite in love.

The pic below is one of my favorite pics I have shot in a while.  I have to admit that although I pulled the trigger and helped a bit with posing, it was my wife's (Kristin) idea.  And who could forget the subject.  Theresa did not have to act at all, she was truly anticipating her beloved.

Jonathan's passion for his bride was evident all day.  He was so excited about being married to Theresa.

The bride was from Pittsburgh, the groom from Cleveland...and what followed was not hard to predict.  I am sad to say that I think the Pittsburgh team may have won (and no not like always...well maybe like the past decade or few).

Giving away a daughter can be an overwhelming experience, but as Theresa's father said in his speech, he couldn't imagine her marrying a better guy than Jonathan.


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